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Add an Order Activity

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Add an Order Activity

Add an Order Activity

June 29, 2020
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June 27, 2016
Add a button to a detail page, to trigger an process.

You will learn

You will add a footer bar (a Bar control within the footer aggregation of the Page) to our Detail view.
In that bar, you will add a Button control to the right side of the footer bar in the Detail view, and in the corresponding controller we’ll define the function to be called (handleOrder) when the Button’s ‘press’ event is fired. Then you will simulate the order process by displaying a MessageBox pop-up control and then showing a MessageToast. For this, you will need to show some texts. Hence, you will add placeholders into the file we set up earlier.

Step 1: Add strings for the new footer

Open the webapp/i18n/ file, and add the following four lines to the bottom:

OrderDialogTitle=Order Product
OrderDialogMsg=Do you want to order this product now?
OrderDialogSuccessMsg=The product has been ordered
update the i18n properties
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Step 2: Add a footer bar to the detail page
  1. Open the webapp/view/Detail.view.xml file, and add a footer to the detail page by adding the following code under <ObjectHeader>:
    			<Button text="{i18n>OrderButtonText}" type="Accept" icon="sap-icon://accept" press="handleOrder"/>
    update the Detail.view.xml file with a footer
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Step 3: Implement the event handler
  1. Finally, open the webapp/controller/Detail.controller.js file. Register two new classes in the define area:

  2. Next, you will change the signature of the first function, to accept two new parameters:

    function(Controller, MessageBox, MessageToast)
  3. Finally, add the handleOrder function to the Controller:

    	handleOrder: function (evt) {
    		// show confirmation dialog
    		var bundle = this.getView().getModel("i18n").getResourceBundle();
    			function (oAction) {
    				if (MessageBox.Action.OK === oAction) {
    					// notify user
    					var successMsg = bundle.getText("OrderDialogSuccessMsg");;
    					// TODO call proper service method and update model (not part of this tutorial)
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Step 4: Test the new order button

You are all set! Run the application. Choose an item from the list, and you will see an Order button in the detail screen.

Run the application and show the new order button

Click on the Order button and the following dialog box comes up:

After you click the OK button, you should see this message appear.

Click on the "Order" button. You should see a MessageToast now. What does it say?

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