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Configure Eclipse with SAPUI5

10 min.
Install the Eclipse IDE and SAPUI5 library.
You will learn
  • How to set up your local development environment based on Eclipse
nicoschoenteichNico SchoenteichSeptember 26, 2022

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  • Step 1

    To make use of the UI Development ToolKit for HTML5 you first need to have a supported version of Eclipse installed on your computer. The Eclipse Mars or Luna version is recommended.

    Open the Download site for Eclipse and click on the Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developer link

    Choose the operating system that you will use to run Eclipse and choose the download site:

    Eclipse download page

    Choose the preferred download site and start the download.

  • Step 2

    Once the download has finished extract the archive to a local folder of your choice (e.g. c:\dev\eclipse for Windows users).

  • Step 3

    Click on the eclipse executable file to start the Eclipse IDE.

    Start Eclipse

    Or on Mac:

    Start Eclipse
  • Step 4

    Eclipse will first show you a Workspace Launcher dialog to choose your workspace.Confirm with OK.

    You can replace the suggested workspace path with a path of your choice, e.g. c:\dev\eclipse_workspace for Windows.

    Create Eclipse workspace
  • Step 5

    Now that you have installed Eclipse, you need to install the SAPUI5 Library. This is done following the standard approach of Eclipse to install plugins.

    From the Eclipse menu, choose Help > Install New Software….

    Start software install
  • Step 6

    Copy the URL<EclipseVersion> and paste it in the Work with field and then press the Enter (or Return) key. You can find the most recent version of the tools here

    Add update site
  • Step 7

    Select UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 and click Next.

  • Step 8

    On the Install Details page click Next.

    Confirm security warning

    Read and accept the license agreement and choose Finish. The installation will now start.

    Confirm security warning

    During the installation, if a Security Warning dialog box will appear stating that you are installing software which contains unsigned content. Confirm with OK to continue the installation.

  • Step 9

    At the end of the installation, you will be asked to restart Eclipse. Confirm the dialog with Yes to restart Eclipse immediately.

    Restart Eclipse
  • Step 10
    1. After Eclipse restarts, make sure to check if the installation was successful by going on About Eclipse.

      About Eclipse
    2. Click on Installation Details

    3. Check for UI Development ToolKit for HTML5.

      Installed Eclipse

    Congratulations: You have now installed the SAPUI5 Library and are ready to start with your project using SAPUI5.

    Copy the "Id" of the entry "SAPUI5 Application Development Tools (Developer)Editor" in the textbox below.

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