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Augment your Story with Smart Features

Utilize Smart Insights and Smart Discovery to uncover valuable insights to drive smarter decision making
You will learn
  • How to enable Smart Insights
  • How to enable Smart Discovery
  • How to learn more from Smart Discovery
katmchengKatryn ChengMay 5, 2022
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March 18, 2022


  • You have access to an SAP Analytics Cloud account
  • Step 1

    Let’s run Smart Insights on the Gross Margin per Product Category chart to help us better understand the data within the chart.

    1. Click the Chart Action Menu of the Gross Margin per Product Category chart

    2. Click Add Smart Insights

    Smart Insight 1

    Smart Insights then analyzes the underlying dataset and runs various statistical algorithms to uncover the top contributors influencing Gross Margin per Product Category.

    3. Click View More…

    Smart Insight 2

    The Smart Insights panel will then appear on the right to display insights specific to the selected data point or variance.

    Smart Insight 3

    4. To remove the Smart Insights footer on the chart, go to the Chart Action Menu > Show/Hide > Footer

    Smart Insight 4

    Click here to learn more.

  • Step 2

    Smart Discovery analyzes your data by running a machine learning algorithm to help you explore your data in a specific context, to uncover new, or unknown relationships between columns within a dataset.

    5. Click Smart Discovery under More in the Tool bar

    Smart Discovery

    You will then be prompted to set your topic by choosing a Target and Entity.

    • The Target is the measure or dimension you’d like to know more about.
    • The Entity defines the dimension(s) you’d like to explore in relation to the target, and the level to which Smart Discovery must aggregate your data to analyze it for you.

    6. Set Sales Revenue as the Target

    7. Include Manager, Product Category, Product Line, and Product Name as the Entities to explore in relation to the Target

    8. Click Run

    Smart Discovery 2

    Currently, you can’t run Smart Discovery on more than one million cells. If this is a problem in your future endeavors, you can filter the data to reduce the number of cells included in your dataset.

  • Step 3

    Smart Discovery will then generate up to four new pages that will be added to your story:


    This page provides visualizations to summarize the results of the target, in this case, Sales Revenue.


    Key Influencers

    Using classification and regression techniques, key influencers are ranked from highest to lowest based on their influence on our target, Sales Revenue.

    Key Influencers

    Unexpected Values

    This page shows information on outliers in your data with a table showing the expected and actual values from the predictive model. A scatter plot and bar chart then displays these outliers.

    This page is only displayed if there are unexpected values.

    Unexpected Values


    This page allows users to test hypothetical scenarios by toggling key influencers in an interactive what-if simulation. Let’s try it out.

    9. Increase the Discount toggle from 715,862.01 to 867,354.83

    10. Click Simulate


    With an increased discount of $151,492.82 on our products, the model simulated that our target, Sales Revenue, would increase by 18%. This is a good example of testing a hypothetical scenario to develop a sales strategy.

    Click here to learn more.

  • Step 4

    Which Smart Discovery generated page shows you the dimension most correlated to the target you picked?

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