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Get Set to Use SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript

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Get Set to Use SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript

Get Set to Use SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript

February 7, 2021
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March 27, 2019
Set up your environment to use SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript.


You will learn

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  • How to install Node.js,a JavaScript runtime for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser
  • How to install npm, the node package manager for maintaining Node.js projects and their dependencies
  • How to install cf CLI, the command line interface for interacting with Cloud Foundry

Step 1: Node.js and npm

You should have Node.js and npm installed. To see whether you already have Node.js and npm installed and check the installed version, run the following commands on the command line:

node -v
npm -v

If one of those commands fails because the command was not found you will have to install Node.js. We recommend using at least Node.js version 11.0.0 and npm version 6.0.0. The latest LTS version (10.15.3 as of today), will also work. If you have Node.js and npm installed at a current version, skip ahead and mark this step as done.

Install Node.js and npm

We recommend to install Node.js using a package manager or a node version manager suitable for your platform. You are free to use an installer, though. npm will automatically be installed together with Node.js. npm can be updated by running npm install -g npm from your command line.

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Step 2: SAP Cloud Platform account

For deploying your application to Cloud Foundry in SAP Cloud Platform, you will need an account. You can get a trial account here by clicking on “Start your free trial” or use an existing account, if you already have one.

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Step 3: Cloud Foundry command line interface

You will need the Cloud Foundry command line interface (cf CLI) to later deploy your application to SAP Cloud Platform. To see whether it is already installed, you can run cf -v on your command line. If the command fails, you will need to install it.

You can find installation instructions for all common platforms in the Cloud Foundry documentation. Again, we recommend to use a package manager for that. If you are using chocolatey on Windows, please find the instructions here.

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Step 4: Editor / IDE

Feel free to choose your favorite IDE. We recommend using Visual Studio Code for its excellent JavaScript and TypeScript support. However, this tutorial does not rely on any specific editor.

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That’s it, you are now ready to start developing your own application with the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript!

Step 5: Test yourself
What is the minimum scope after successful completion of this tutorial to start developing with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK for JavaScript/TypeScript?

For questions, you can reach out to us on StackOverflow using the tag sap-cloud-sdk and on using the tag SAP Cloud SDK.

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