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Explore the Virtual Data Model with the CDS Browser

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Explore the Virtual Data Model with the CDS Browser

Explore the Virtual Data Model with the CDS Browser

Learn how to build a custom report in S/4HANA and explore the different report types based on a simple finance scenario.

You will learn

  • About the Virtual Data Model(VDM) to get an overview of the available data sources in S/HANA that match your business

Step 1: Log into SAP Fiori launchpad

First you need to log into the SAP Fiori launchpad.

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu and search for Remote Desktop Connection and start the Desktop app

Fiori Launchpad login preparation

  1. In the Remote Desktop Connection maintain the field Computer with the alias techedappspace and click on the Connect button.

Fiori Launchpad login preparation1

  1. The Windows Security screen opens. On the Security screen click on the field labeled with More choices.

Fiori Launchpad login preparation2

  1. On the Security screen select Use a different account and maintain the fields as follow:

Please be aware that you should replace xx with your desktop number.

Field Name Value
User Name .\train-xx
Password The password will be given to you by your instructor

afterwards click on the OK button.

Fiori Launchpad login continue1

  1. You are now redirected to the SAP FIORI Launchpad.

You should see this page:

Fiori Launchpad login continue

  1. Login now with your user and password

Your user is S4HANAPUT-XX where XX is your desktop number. Your password will be given to you by your instructors.

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Step 2: Execute the App View browser

In the Fiori Launchpad, from the group Query Design select the App View Browser and click on it as on the below picture:

Apps on the Fiori Launchpad
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Step 3: Search for view

After you have successfully executed the App View Browser, the below window gets open. In the search field, enter ZZ1_APSEMTAGSTATISTIC_XXXX, which is the name of the view you are looking for and hit the search button.

Apps on the Fiori Launchpad
What is the name of the view you was looking for?
Step 4: Explore the result view
  1. To have the details on the view ZZ1_APSEMTAGSTATISTIC_XXX displayed, double clicks on the selected row to open the View Details screen.

    View selection
  2. In the View Details window, you have the choice between several tabs (**Definition**, Annotation, Cross Reference) on which you can view details of the considered view for analysis purposes. For example, on Definition, you can see the available fields as well as their data elements, descriptions, data types, and lengths.

    View details displayed
  3. On the tab Cross Reference , you, can easily see that the cross reference to the related view is Z_APSEMTAGSTATISTICAL

    Cross reference displayed
  4. Now, you would like to see the content of the view ZZ1_APSEMTAGSTATISTIC_XXXX. To do so, you must click on Show Content which will open Design Studio to display the multi-dimensional report as this CDS view is an analytical query.

    Apps on the Fiori Launchpad
  5. The Prompts window of the report to maintain the selection parameters gets open as shown below:

    Apps on the Fiori Launchpad

    In the Prompts window maintain:

    Field Name Value
    To-Period 7
    Category ATC01
    Fin Statement Version L000
    Fiscal Year 2018
    Controlling Area A000

Afterward click on the OK button to start the display of the content of the selected View.

Apps on the Fiori Launchpad
Which Financial Statement Version did you use ?
Step 5: Show view content

The content of the selected view is shown after clicking OK from the previous step. You should see a screen like the one below.

Apps on the Fiori Launchpad

You can also have a graphical holistic view of your result set including all available Cost Center values(To have the Cost Center shown, you have to move per drag and drop Cost Center from the column Dimension to the column labeled with Rows).
To do so, you have to click the chart icon. Afterwards, the expected graphic with its legend are displayed in the result set as well.

Result set graphic and table
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