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Set Up SAP Private Link Service (Beta)

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Set Up SAP Private Link Service (Beta)

Set Up SAP Private Link Service (Beta)

Requires Customer/Partner License
November 24, 2021
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June 24, 2021
Get onboarded to use SAP Private Link service (Beta) in SAP BTP.

You will learn

  • How to start with SAP Private Link service (Beta)
  • How to enable SAP Private Link service (Beta) in BTP cockpit
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SAP Private Link service (Beta) establishes a private connection between applications running on SAP BTP and selected services in your own IaaS provider accounts. By reusing the private link functionality of our partner IaaS providers, you can access your services through private network connections to avoid data transfer via the public internet.

Overview of SAP Private Link service (Beta) functionality
Step 1: Set entitlements

To be able to use the functionalities of SAP Private Link service (Beta), you first need to set the entitlements in your subaccount. For more information, see Configure Entitlements and Quotas for Subaccounts.

  1. Navigate to your global account of SAP BTP cockpit and select Account Explorer.

    Access Account Explorer
  2. From the list, choose the respective subaccount for which you would like to enable SAP Private Link service (Beta).

  3. Navigate to Entitlements in the left hand navigation bar. You can now see all the existing service assignments for this respective subaccount.
  4. Select Configure Entitlements.Configure Entitlements for SAP Private Link service (Beta)
  5. To add a new service assignment, select Add Service Plans. You see now all the offerings available to this specific subaccount.

  6. Select SAP Private Link service, standard (from Available Plans) and then Add 1 Service Plan.

    Add Service Plan for SAP Private Link service (Beta)
On which level do you assign quotas for SAP Private Link service (Beta)?
Step 2: Define quota in your subaccount

You can distribute entitlements and quotas across subaccounts within a global account. Under Remaining Global Quota, you see how much quota is still available across your global account. See also Manage Entitlements on SAP BTP.

Use + and - to increase or decrease the quota of the SAP Private Link service (Beta) plan according to your needs.

SAP Private Link service (Beta) quota overview

One unit equals one Private Link endpoint.

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Step 3: Enable Cloud Foundry runtime

Navigate to the Overview tab of your subaccount and check whether you’ve already enabled Cloud Foundry runtime. By default, Cloud Foundry runtime is not enabled.

  1. To enable Cloud Foundry runtime, select Enable Cloud Foundry.

    Enable Cloud Foundry runtime
  2. Enter the following details:

    • Plan: standard
    • Instance Name: Choose a unique name, for example privatelink-test.
    • Org Name: Choose a name relating back to the instance, for example privatelink-test
  3. Select Create.

Enabling Cloud Foundry runtime may take a couple of minutes.

Once Cloud Foundry runtime has been enabled, you get the information on your API endpoint you need to connect to your org in SAP BTP.

SAP Private Link service (Beta) API endpoint

Before you proceed, make sure that Cloud Foundry runtime has been assigned adequate quota. If you have not done so already, go back to Step 2 and define the quota accordingly for Cloud Foundry runtime.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the onboarding of SAP Private Link service (Beta). Continue with Connect SAP Private Link Service (Beta) to Microsoft Azure Private Link Service with Cloud Foundry CLI.

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