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Test Your Mobile SAP Screen Personas Flavor

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Test Your Mobile SAP Screen Personas Flavor

Test Your Mobile SAP Screen Personas Flavor

Run your Service Notification app on a mobile device

You will learn

  • How to access your SAP Screen Personas flavor on a mobile device
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  • SAP Screen Personas SP06 or higher

The focus of this tutorial is on testing your adaptive flavor(s) on a mobile device. The screenshots used will feature a mobile phone, but the same process applies to a tablet.

Step 1: Download the SAP Fiori Client on your device

At this time, the use of native device functionality (such as a camera to use the barcode scanner) requires that you access your flavor through the SAP Fiori Client app. To do so, you can download it from the relevant app store for your Apple or Android device:

Google Play Market

Apple App Store

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Step 2: Set up SAP Fiori Client

Once downloaded, open the SAP Fiori Client. Tap Log In.

Log In Fiori Client

This will lead to a screen where you are prompted to Enter SAP Fiori URL or work email. You can manually enter the URL of your flavor if you like. You can also use the Scan button to expedite this process. Tap the Scan button next to the URL field.

Scan Button

On the desktop you used to create this flavor, navigate to transaction IW51 and open the flavor bar. Click on your flavor tile, select Direct Access Link and then click Generate QR Code.

Generate QR Code

This will open a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device.

Personas QR

Next, scan the QR code with your device.

Scan Personas QR

You will then be presented with a screen giving you an option to set a passcode. In this case, you do not need one. Select Disable Passcode.

Disable Passcode

This will open to a Tip screen. Tap Continue to move on.

Tip Screen
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Step 3: Test your flavor

Enter your credentials and tap Log On to begin testing your flavor.

Log On

The adaptive flavor for your device will then open. Click Create Notification to navigate to the main screen of your flavor.

Create Notification

You should then seen the simplified screen for your mobile device. If you have built different flavors to account for device orientation, you can test them by rotating your device. The flavor will automatically switch to account for the different screen size.

Simplified Screen
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Step 4: Optional: Test your barcode scanner

If desired, you can also test the barcode scanner within you flavor. You will need to generate a QR code that represents a valid equipment number in your system. If you are using the training system provided by the SAP Screen Personas team, you can use the following 210100019, 210100024, or 210100013.

You can use <> to generate a QR code. Select Free Text and enter your equipment number.

Generate QR Code

Tap Scan Equipment on your flavor and then scan your QR code.

Scan QR

Your Functional Location and Equipment fields should then automatically be filled in.

Working Flavor

Congratulations, you have a built a working mobile flavor with SAP Screen Personas!

What application is required to access SAP Screen Personas flavors on a mobile device?

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