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Access Your Launchpad Site with SAP Mobile Start

Access your SAP Launchpad service Site from your mobile device with the native SAP Mobile Start app.
You will learn
  • How to connect the SAP Mobile Start native app with your SAP Launchpad service site
dennis-koehlerDennis KoehlerMay 20, 2022
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May 20, 2022
  • Step 1
    1. In the Site Manager - Site Directory click the settings icon on your Site’s tile to open the Site Settings.

      Access site settings
    2. Within the Site Settings click the Edit button on the top right & make sure the toggle for SAP Mobile Start is enabled.

      Enable Mobile Start flag in Site settings
    3. Click Save & get back to Site Directory

  • Step 2
    1. Open your Site via the Go to site icon on your Site’s tile.

    2. On the site, open the user menu via the user icon on the top right. Then choose Settings.

      Access User Settings
    3. In the Settings screen, choose the SAP Mobile Start Application tab.

      (If the option is not available make sure SAP Mobile Start is enabled in the Site Settings (Step 1), also refreshing the site might be required for your changes to become active)

      In this screen you can switch between two QR Codes via the toggle button:

      1. Install:
        This QR-Code can be used to install the SAP Mobile Start app on your device. It’s a direct link to the Apple app store page.

      2. Register:
        This QR-Code is used later within the SAP Mobile Start app to register it to your site.

      QR Code Selection

      (In the future it’s planned to offer an option to have SAP Mobile Start deployed via MDM. With that, a specific site can be preconfigured and no QR-Code registration is needed.)

  • Step 3

    Use the Install QR-Code from Step 2 to install SAP Mobile Start on your Mobile Device. Alternatively, you can search for SAP Mobile Start in the respective App Stores.

  • Step 4
    1. Open the SAP Mobile Start app on your mobile device, press the Scan button and make sure to allow camera access.

      (Below the scan button you will find the option to enter the demo mode. This will demonstrate how a fully configured launchpad site with the addition of SAP Task Center looks like.)

    2. Next, use your device camera to scan the Register QR-Code in the launchpad user settings from Step 2. If the scan succeeded, you can continue with the onboarding process.

      Onboard SAP Mobile Start
    3. Follow the guided onboarding process within the app:

    • Log in with your user

    • Accept the End User License Agreement and Data Privacy Statement

    • Depending on your setup you might need to create a passcode / allow biometric authentication.

      After completing the onboarding process, you will be directed to the initial Start screen.

  • Step 5
    SAP Mobile Start Screens
    1. You can use the navigation icons on the bottom the move between the Start and the Application screen. The Start screen offers an overview for quick access to your most used apps. The Application screen lists all the Site’s Groups and Apps.

    2. Both screens the Start & Application screen have the notification icon and the user (settings) icon. Use them to access the notification section or the Profile and Settings page.

    3. Within the Application screen you can use the search bar to find specific applications.

    4. You can click on app tiles to open your application of choice.

    5. From the profile and settings you can choose Sign Out to return to the initial onboarding screen, in case you want to connect to a different site.

    6. If you want to learn more about SAP Mobile Start & it’s setup you can visit the community page.

    Where can you find the Register QR Code for onboarding SAP Mobile Start?

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