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Use SAP Web IDE with SAP Jam Collaboration

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Use SAP Web IDE with SAP Jam Collaboration
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Use SAP Web IDE with SAP Jam Collaboration


This tutorial shows how to build and run a new project with SAP Jam Collaboration UI5 sample applications.

You will learn

  • How to build and run a new project with SAP Jam Collaboration UI5 sample applications

Step 1: Building a new project with the SAP Jam Collaboration UI5 Sample Applications
  1. In the SAP Web IDE home page create a new Project by clicking on the New Project from Sample Application option.
    SAP Web IDE home page
    Figure 1: SAP Web IDE home page
  2. In the categories drop down select SAP Jam Extension Sample Projects.
    SAP Jam Extension Sample Projects Page
    Figure 2: SAP Jam Extension Sample Projects
  3. Select the SAP Jam Feed Demo and press the Next button. Then press Finish on the next screen. This creates a project titled sap.jam.ext.feedsample. The project calls the SAP Jam Collaboration feed API for the current user and displays it in a UI5 application. If the application is empty you might want to check that your Jam feed has any events inside the SAP Jam Collaboration home page. The code can be modified to display the feed for a specific group or user.
  4. Although there are two other sample applications for this exercise we will duplicate these steps for the SAP Jam Group Demo. The Group Demo displays a list of groups and provides an interface to easily create a SAP Jam Collaboration group using the sample.
    SAP Jam Group Demo Page
    Figure 3: SAP Jam Group Demo
  5. Once you built the two applications, right click on the folder representing each application and select Run | Run Index.html. When you do this you will be able to see the default set of code for each application. The Feed application will display the home feed for your wall in Jam, and the Group application will display a list of existing groups in your Jam system and provide an option to create new groups.
    Run Index.html Page
    Figure 4: Run Index.html
Step 2: Add the "showFeed handler" to the GroupList Component
  1. Go to the group sample application, navigate to webapp/components/grouplist/view/GroupList.view.xml and add the properties press="showFeed" and type="Navigation" to the _StandardListItem_.

        icon="{path:'JamOData>GroupType', formatter:'.typeIconFormatter'}"
        iconDensityAware="false" iconInset="false"
  2. Go to the controller under webapp/components/grouplist/controller/GroupList.controller.js, and add the following implementation for "showFeed". This will trigger the groupFeed route, passing in the ID of the currently-selected group:

    showFeed: function(oEvent) {
        var groupId = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext("JamOData").getProperty("Id");
        this.getRouter().navTo("groupFeed", {groupId : groupId});
Step 3: Copy the Feed component and hook it up to the "groupFeed" route
  1. Now navigate to your sap.jam.ext.feedsample application, and select the webapp/components/feed folder. Make sure that the feed folder is selected, and select edit > copy from the menu (or the appropriate keyboard short-cut).
    Copy the Feed Component page
    Figure 5: Copy the Feed Component
  2. Navigate back to the webapp/components folder of the group sample application and select edit > paste. This should copy the SAP Jam feed component into your project.
    Paste the Feed Component page
    Figure 6: Paste the Feed Component
  3. Open the feed controller under webapp/components/feed/controller/Feed.controller.js, and change the "memberFeed" route handler to a "groupFeed" route handler in the onInit() function:

    onInit: function() {
        // Attach route handlers
        //this.getRouter().getRoute("memberFeed").attachPatternMatched(this.onMemberFeedMatched, this);
        this.getRouter().getRoute("groupFeed").attachPatternMatched(this.onGroupFeedMatched, this);
  4. To navigate from the group feed back to the group list, add a back button handler to Feed.controller.js:

    onNavBack: function() {
        this.getRouter().navTo("groupList", {}, true);
Step 4: Configure the new UI5 route and target

Almost there. Navigate to the top-level (application) manifest.json file, under sap.jam.ext.groupsample/webapp/manifest.json. Ensure that you have it open in the Code Editor and not the Descriptor Editor (see tab controls at the bottom of the SAP Web IDE code editor screen).

  1. Register the new "groupFeed" route in the "routes" sub-section of the "routing" section, and add the new "groupFeed" target to point to the Feed component view. The final JSON snippet should look like this:

    "routes": [{
        "name": "groupList",
        "pattern": "",
        "target": ["groupList"]
    }, {
        "name": "groupFeed",
        "pattern": "/Groups/{groupId}/Feed",
        "target": ["groupFeed"]
    "targets": {
        "groupList": {
            "viewName": "components/grouplist/view/GroupList",
            "viewId": "groupList",
            "viewLevel": 1
            "groupFeed": {
            "viewName": "components/feed/view/Feed",
            "viewId": "groupFeed",
            "viewLevel": 2
Step 5: Run the application in the Mobile Development Pane

You are done! Run your application! You should now be able to navigate from a group, to its feed, and back again.

  1. Select your project in the code editor and press Tools > Mobile Development PaneMobile Development Pane page

    Figure 7: Mobile Development Pane

  2. View your application in different responsive screen sizes.Responsive screen sizes page

    Figure 8: Responsive screen sizes

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