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UI Automation Recorder

Automate the Calculator desktop application using the UI Automation Recorder.
You will learn
  • Record and capture the Calculator application using the UI Automation Recorder
eshitamahajansapEshita MahajanFebruary 11, 2022
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February 11, 2022


  • Basic understanding of how to record applications in Cloud Studio

The UI Automation Recorder allows you to record desktop applications. It enables users to speed up the bot design process. Using the recorder, actions on the provider application can be recorded, metadata of the screen can be captured and the artifacts can be exported to the Cloud Studio.

  • Step 1

    Open the calculator application on your desktop.

  • Step 2
    1. Log on to SAP Intelligent RPA Factory.

    2. Click Projects to create a new project.

  • Step 3
    1. In the Cloud Studio, choose the Create button.

    2. From the artifact menu, select the Application artifact.

    3. From the list of open applications, select Calculator application.

    4. Make sure that the Launch Recorder radio button is selected and click Record.

    5. You will notice 2 pop-ups for Recording in progress and SAP Intelligent RPA Recorder.

  • Step 4

    The UI Automation Recorder records the steps you perform across the screens of an application.
    Whenever the screen (DOM) is changed in the provider application, you must capture it by choosing the Record button in the recording widget.

    1. Click the Record

      button to start recording in recorder widget.

    2. Perform a simple calculation by adding 10 and 5 to get result 15. Click 10, +, 5 and =. You will notice that the steps are getting recorded in the recorder.

    3. Click the result 15 in Calculator so that it gets recorded too. You will later use this result in the automation.

      recorder calculation simple
  • Step 5
    1. Click Open Navigation icon

      Open Navigation

    2. There is a change in DOM so, you must record this screen. Click the New Capture

      capture icon
      button to record the new screen.
      A new screen appears in the recorder.

      recorder navigation
    3. From the left navigation bar in Calculator, click Time.

      calculator navigation
    4. Click the New Capture

      capture icon
      button to record the new screen.

      calculator hour
    5. You need to convert Minutes to Seconds. Click the first dropdown and capture the new screen with the dropdown elements.
      Click Seconds.

      calculator dropdown
    6. The Calculator shows Seconds and Minutes. Record this screen in recorder widget.

    7. Select 0 value for Minutes and then, type 10.

      calculator minutes to seconds
    8. Select the resultant value 600 in Seconds. You will use this value later in automation. You will see the following steps added to the recorder widget.

      recorder complete
  • Step 6
    1. After completing all the steps, click the Stop

      button to stop the recording.

      recorder final
    2. Click Export to move the recording to the Cloud Studio.

      recorder export
    3. Close the Calculator application.

  • Step 7

    Once all the artifacts are moved to the Cloud Studio, the automation can be executed to replay the recorded steps. It can also be modified and then executed from the Cloud Studio.

    You will see all the screens and steps are recorded in the automation in the Cloud Studio.

    1. Open the application Calculator in the Cloud Studio. Make the following changes in Capture 1 screen.

      application result1
    2. Similarly, make the following changes in Capture 5 screen.

      application result2
    3. Open the automation Calculator Automation. Drag and drop Get Element activity below step 9 in the automation and make the following changes to activity properties:

      • Step Name : Get Add Result
      • Target : Calculator > Calculator > Result1
      • Output Parameters : addition
    4. Drag and drop the Log message activity right after the Get Element activity to display the result. Set the input parameter message as addition.

      automation add result
    5. Next, drag and drop the Get Element activity to fetch the converted minutes to seconds.

      • Step Name : Get Conversion Result
      • Target : Calculator > Calculator > Result2
      • Output Parameters : seconds
    6. Drag and drop the Log message activity below the Get Element activity to display the result. Set the input parameter message as seconds.

      automation get seconds
    7. Your automation looks like the following one. Save your work.

      automation complete

    Which type of application can be recorded using SAP UI Automation Recorder?

  • Step 8
    1. Click Test to test the automation.

    2. Results will be displayed in the log area.


    The UI Automation Recorder has certain limitations. Please check this link to learn more about the limitations.

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