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Create a Simple Automation

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Create a Simple Automation

Create a Simple Automation

January 21, 2022
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December 22, 2021
Create a simple automation to display a Hello World message, to test if the automation setup was successful.

You will learn

  • How to create a simple automation
  • How to test the automation
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Step 1: Create new project

Open the SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory URL which you would have saved in previous tutorial.

  1. Choose the Projects tab.

  2. Choose New Project.

  3. In the New Project popup, enter the following information:

    Field Name Value
    Name HelloWorld
    Description My first automation
  4. Choose Create.

    Set up a new project

    The Cloud Studio opens with your new project.

Cloud Studio is a component of SAP Intelligent RPA to build your automation.

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Step 2: Create an automation
  1. Choose Create, and then select Automation.

  2. Select your latest Agent version.

  3. Choose Confirm.

    Set up an automation
  4. In the Name field, type Hello World.

  5. Choose Create.

    Create automation
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Step 3: Build an automation

You will now start building your automation by dragging activities from the panel to the flow.


  1. Enter information in the search bar.

  2. Drag the activity Information Dialog into the workflow.

  3. Drop it into the workflow.

    Information Dialog
  4. Choose the Information Dialog activity to edit the activity’s properties.

  5. Under Input Parameters, select Create Custom Data.

  6. Choose the Open Expression Editor icon next to message.

  7. Type Hello World from RPA in the text field.

  8. Choose Save Expression.

    Information Dialog
  9. Choose Save (upper right) to save the project.

Which component of SAP Intelligent RPA lets you build an automation?
Step 4: Test the automation
  1. Choose the Test icon to start the automation.

  2. Select the environment which you have created.

  3. Choose Test.

Test automation

The message appears on a pop-up window. You can choose OK to close the dialog box.

Test automation

You have successfully completed building your first automation.

Which of the following activities is used to print the Hello World message?

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