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Install SAP Intelligent RPA On-Premise Components

Install and configure essential development tools required to set up and execute an automation.
You will learn
  • How to use tools required for execution of your automation
  • How to enable the SAP Intelligent RPA Browser Extension
  • How to configure SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory

chaitanya-priya-puvvadaChaitanya Priya PuvvadaJanuary 21, 2022
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December 22, 2021
  • Step 1

    The Desktop Agent is a component of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation that is installed locally on user desktops. It executes automation projects that launch and run applications of various kinds.

    Download the latest version of the SAP Intelligent RPA MSI from SAP Development tools.

    Desktop Agent installation
  • Step 2
    1. Double-click on the MSI, and choose Next.

    2. Choose the components to install and choose Next for the following steps.

    3. Wait for the installation to complete.

    4. Choose Finish.

    Desktop Agent Installation Progress

    See section Installing SAP Intelligent RPA On-Premise Components in the SAP Intelligent RPA documentation for more details.

  • Step 3
    1. In the Windows search bar, search for Desktop Agent and choose it.

      DesktopAgent Search
    2. Register the tenant in the Desktop Agent.

    3. Enter a name for your tenant.

    4. Copy the domain of the Cloud Factory URL.

      This is the URL you saved in the previous tutorial, obtained after subscribing to SAP Intelligent RPA.

    5. Paste it in the domain area.

    6. Choose Finish.

    Agent Configuration

    Log in with your email account and password which you have used to subscribe for SAP BTP.

  • Step 4
    1. Choose Tenants.


      A list of tenants is displayed.

    2. Choose Activate to activate the trial account.

      Tenant Activation
    3. Open SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory URL in a browser window.

    4. Choose the Agents tab and check that your agent is listed with status Idle.

      Agent Idle
  • Step 5

    Installing SAP Intelligent RPA on-premise components automatically installs the web browser extension for Google Chrome/Edge.

    Navigate to the extensions of the Google Chrome Browser and enable the SAP Intelligent RPA Extension.

    RPA Extension
  • Step 6

    Once connected to the Cloud Factory, you need to declare your Desktop Agent in an agent group.

    Agent groups allow you to organize your agents in a parent-child relationship, using either:

    • The computer name on which the agent is installed.

    • The login name of the person who will connect to the agent

    1. Create an agent group, as follows:

      • Choose the dropdown menu of the Agents tab and select the Agent groups tab.

      • Choose New Agent Group.

      • In the Name field, enter a name for your agent group.

      • Under Type, select Login.

      • Choose Create.

      Create Agent Group
    2. Add a node to the agent group, as follows:

      • In the agent group details view, choose the + button to add a new node to the group.

      • Set All as the name.

      • Choose Create.

      Add Agent group
    3. Prepare to add an agent to the agent group, as follows:

      • Choose the new created node to select it.

      • Choose the + button to add a new agent.

      • Enter your login in the Name field.

      • Enter a name for the new agent in the Label field.

      • Choose Create.

      • Choose Save.

      Add new agent
  • Step 7

    An environment represents the functional landscape in which SAP Intelligent RPA is deployed.

    1. Choose the Environments tab.

    2. Choose New Environment.

    3. In the New Environment popup, enter the following information:

      Field Name Value
      Name A name for the environment
      Description A description for the environment
      Type Test
    4. Choose Create

    Create Environment
  • Step 8

    An agent is a local component consisting of a computer system (PC, desktop or server) and a user session that executes an automation scenario.

    1. In your new environment page, choose the Agents section.

    2. Choose + Add Agent.

    3. Choose Agent groups.

    4. Select your agent group.

    5. Under Agent group node, select the All node.

    6. Choose Add agent group node to add the new environment.

      Add Agent

    You have successfully installed and configured the Desktop Agent, completed the settings in SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud factory and ready to design your automation.

    What is the status of Agent in SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory after successful activation of Tenant in Desktop Agent?

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