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Subscribe to SAP Intelligent RPA Service in SAP BTP

Subscribe to SAP Intelligent RPA on SAP Business Technology Platform so that you can build an automation to automate repeated tasks.
You will learn
  • How to subscribe to the SAP Intelligent RPA Service


IMPORTANT: The SAP BTP trial offering will no longer be available as of January 31st, 2023. Please move to an SAP Free Tier account and subscribe to SAP Process Automation.
Refer to the tutorial on How to create a BTP Free tier account and subscribe to SAP Build Process Automation.
Most of the content remains relevant after moving to SAP Build Process Automation, with broad feature parity and only a few changes.
SAP Intelligent RPA production account users can continue with the other SAP Intelligent RPA developer tutorials without any further changes.

  • Step 1
    1. In the navigation area of the SAP BTP Cockpit, choose Boosters and search for SAP Intelligent RPA.

      Booster screen
    2. Select the SAP Intelligent RPA Booster to open the Overview page.

    3. Choose Start.

      Start Booster

      SAP Intelligent RPA has 3 components:

      • Cloud Studio for designing your Automation

      • Cloud Factory for orchestration and monitoring

      • Desktop Agent to run your automation

      The service setup runs, showing Processing and then Done for each item.

      Wait until the Booster has finished setting up your trial subaccount.

      Booster Processing

      Once subscribed, a success message is displayed.

    4. Once all items are marked as Done, choose Navigate to Subaccount.

      Navigate to Subaccount

      You’re now in your SAP BTP subaccount.

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  • Step 2
    1. Choose Instances and Subscriptions.

    2. Locate your SAP Intelligent RPA subscription and choose it to open SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory.

      Instances and Subscriptions

      A new tab will open with access to the SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory.

    3. Choose OK to proceed.

    You can now use this new trial account to discover all functionalities provided by SAP Intelligent RPA.

    New trial

    IMPORTANT: This URL will be used as a tenant when you set up your SAP Intelligent RPA On-Premise Component Desktop Agent, and the URL will be used in subsequent tutorials. Please save it.

    How can you access SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory from SAP BTP?

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