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Get a store package from SAP Intelligent RPA Store

Get Orders Management package from the SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation store and reuse the package in the Cloud Studio.
You will learn
  • How to explore content in the SAP Intelligent RPA Bot Store
  • How to acquire a store package in your landscape
  • How to reuse a package from the Store in the Cloud Studio
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December 22, 2021
  • Step 1

    The SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) store offers predefine content for your automation. Packages are categorized by catalog which lets you choose between Business Content, Learning Catalog and SAP Intelligent RPA SDK.

    Learning Catalog offers learning packages to get started with the SAP Intelligent RPA tool. These packages allow you to learn best practices by reusing the most common flows to design your first projects.

    Business Content Catalog provides pre-built automations for concrete business problems.

    SAP Intelligent RPA SDK provides all the Software Development Kits that can be acquired from the store.

    1. In the SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory, select the tab Store.

    2. From the dropdown menu, select Explore.

      IRPA Store

    What characterizes store bots in the learning catalog?

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  • Step 2
    1. You will acquire the package titled Orders Management using UI5 application. by setting the following parameters.
      Under Design Tool, check Cloud Studio and under Catalog, check Learning.

      IRPA Learning
    2. In the search bar, type Orders Management and choose the Orders Management using UI5 application package.

      IRPA Orders

      This sample package presents a way to deal with Excel and a web application using the SAPUI5 framework. Each sample package comes with a description, documentation about the sample, and details related to the package with its content and related dependencies.

    3. Choose Get to acquire the package.

      The content acquisition is then processed in the background and you can track the status of the imported package from the Cloud Factory (Store Acquisitions).

      IRPA Orders Management
    4. Once the status is set to Success the package has been added to your acquisitions and is ready to use either in production as is or refined and enhanced in the Cloud Studio according to your business requirements.

      IRPA SDK

    What is the status of the imported package once the acquisition is completed?

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  • Step 3

    To customize your package, follow these steps:

    1. Choose Packages view.

    2. Choose the three dots icon for More options.

    3. From the dropdown menu, select Save as…New Project.

      IRPA Refine
    4. Rename the project to Orders Management using UI5 application - refine and choose Save to save the new version of this project.

      IRPA Save

    The project can now be edited in the Cloud Studio.

    IRPA Edit

    How do you refine a bot that is available in the store?

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