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Use SAP Edge Services to Automate Creation of Work Order Based on IoT Data (part 2, deploy and test)

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Use SAP Edge Services to Automate Creation of Work Order Based on IoT Data (part 2, deploy and test)

Use SAP Edge Services to Automate Creation of Work Order Based on IoT Data (part 2, deploy and test)

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July 27, 2021
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June 17, 2020
Deploy and test an SAP Edge Services project, with streaming rules based on Iot data, that will automate creating a work order in S/4HANA.

You will learn

  • End to end hands-on experience in building and executing edge scenarios
  • How to create streaming rule
  • How to create work order action
  • How to deploy project to edge node from cloud tool
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  • Basic knowledge of application configurations and IoT concept
  • Familiarity with the concept of device model in SAP IoT
  • Laptop or PC with browser
  • You should have already created a SAP Edge Services project by completing the first

Step 1: Deploy project to gateway
  1. Log onto SAP Edge Services.

    After logon, you will land on the main SAP Edge Services screen.

    Click on SAP Edge Services Management.

    Log on
  2. Select the gateway where you want to deploy your project (Gateway XX).

  3. Select Configurations and click + on the right.

  4. From the dropdown, select Streaming Service, for Configuration select your published project, and then click Apply.

    If you followed the naming given in the first part of the tutorial, it should be named something like TrainingXX-v.


    The configuration will be downloaded to the gateway. This might take a few seconds.

    Click the refresh button on the right until you see the configuration status Applied.

    Applied status
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Step 2: Verify deployment in SAP Edge Gateway

In this step, you will log into the SAP Edge Services gateway and verify that the deployment was done correctly.

  1. Go to General Settings of your gateway, and click the Edge Console URL.

    Important Note for Mac Users : Use the Safari browser for this part of the exercise. If you want to use any other browser make sure you import the server certificate into your Keychain Access app and modify the certificate trust to Always Trust

    General settings

    A new window will open and you will land on the logon page of the SAP Edge Services gateway.

  2. Log on with the following credentials:

    Field Name Value
    Name admin
    Password AdminAdmin1
    Log in
  3. You should see a Sensor Profile named BoilerTraining>>>2...3>>>Boiler ...

    Please verify that both rules are enabled.

    Verify rules

    Under Actions, you should see your action Create Work Order.

    Verify actions

    Finally, verify under Runtime Settings that you have unchecked the Validate HTTPS Certificates flag.

    Verify settings
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Step 3: Simulate device

You can test end-to-end rule logic using the built-in emulated device and emulated sensor controls. The Live Sensors Emulation view displays all sensor profiles configured to Stream Readings to Monitor.

We will use this functionality to trigger the rule that we created in the previous tutorial. This rule will trigger the creation of the work order.

  1. Select the Sensor Profiles option on the left and then your sensor profile.

  2. Check the option Stream Reading to Monitor, and click Save.

    Stream reading
  3. Now simulate sensor readings by doing the following:

    • Select Live Sensors on the left sidebar.
    • Enter Student_X as the device under Device ID , e.g. Student_2.
    • Click the play button.

    You can move the slider to increase and decrease the value of the reading but keep it under 80 for now. The simulated values will start populating the screen.

    Remember that we defined a rule that will trigger when the temperature exceeds 80.

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Step 4: Trigger rule and create work order
  1. Move the slider to the right until it reaches a value over 80. Wait until you have 2 readings and slide the value back to under 80.

    You can now pause the emulator by pressing the Pause button.

    Move slider
  2. Now check if the temperature increase has triggered an event.

    Select Events on the left sidebar. You should see an event called Check Temperature.

    Check events

    The event Check Temperature will trigger the action Create Work Order.

If the order was created, it can only be verified in the EBF system.

This is how it would look there:

Check work order

Please ask a person with access to the system to verify if the order was created.

The Edge Gateway is :

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