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Onboard an Edge Node

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Onboard an Edge Node

Onboard an Edge Node

Requires Customer/Partner License
November 28, 2021
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October 21, 2021
Onboard a new Edge node with the Edge Lifecycle Management.

You will learn

  • How to connect a K3s or K8s cluster to SAP IoT Edge
  • How to verify the current node status
  • How to use SAP Edge Lifecycle Management Bridge
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Step 1: Register a new node
  1. Over the navigation area IoT Edge, click on the Edge Lifecycle Management application in the SAP Internet of Things Fiori Launchpad

  2. Click on the Add button, or Add Edge Node and check all the checkboxes and press Continue if there is not yet any node onboarded in the platform.

  3. The form is partially populated; you can click Step3.

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Step 2: Complete the registration

To complete the registration process the UI is asking for some configuration parameters and the kubeconfig.yaml file.

  1. The Step 3 consists in the specification of the kubeconfig.yaml file of you cluster. Click Upload to select the configuration file.

    Please remember to check the server configuration in your kubeconfig.yaml file. The server should be an IP address reachable (i.e. in the same network) from the machine where you will launch the onboard script (i.e. your computer)

  2. The UI shows in a bubble message that the file has been accepted. Click Step 4 to go to the next step

  3. Step 4 is to Provide Edge Node Details. Specify a name for the node and an encryption password which will be used to encrypt the configuration file (used by the bootstrap process) you will download and use later, and press the button Step 5.

  4. Uncheck the checkbox for Enable Local Container Registry and go the Step 6.

  5. Keep clean the checkbox if your edge node is not in a proxied network, otherwise check it and specify all the proxy details for the Provide HTTPS Proxy Details configuration step. Click Step 7 to go to the next operation.

  6. The step Set Up Cloud Connector provide a description of what are the next operations you need to execute. Press Download to save the context.cfg file.

What do you need to register the node in the UI?
Step 3: Complete the onboarding

The next operation is required to complete the onboarding process correctly. You need to execute all the operations Explained in the element 6 of the Step2: Complete the registration.

  1. Download ELMB--. program from the SAP Marketplace for your OS platform and save it to the same directory as the context.cfg file. We recommend renaming the program to elm for better usability.

  2. On UNIX and macOS operating systems, execute the following command chmod a+x elm to make the elm program executable.

  3. From the download directory open a bash and execute elm init -c context.cfg

  4. Insert the master password specified in the element 3 of the Step 2: Complete the registration.

  5. Review the provided details and type n and Enter key to continue the process.

  6. The ELM bridge bootstrap process is now installing all the Edge Lifecycle Management components into your cluster.

  7. Type n and Enter key to end the process.

  8. If you are not planning to provide a feedback for your user experience just type 3 and press Enter key.

  9. Go back in the UI of SAP IoT and over the navigation area Edge Services, click on the Edge Lifecycle Management application, select your node in the list. Verify that the node status is Initializing and the status of the Edge Lifecycle Management component is Installing. You need to wait till the end of the installation process. It will be completed in some minutes.


When the onboarding is completed the result should be like in the following image.


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