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Consume Measures

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Consume Measures

Consume Measures

Requires Customer/Partner License
July 21, 2021
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July 30, 2018
Consume measures using the Internet of Things Service Cockpit or the Message Processing API.

You will learn

  • How to consume measures of a device in the Internet of Things Service using the the Internet of Things Service Cockpit and the Message Processing API
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Step 1: Consume Measures of a Device Using the IoT Cockpit
  1. Log on to the Internet of Things Service Cockpit with your user credentials:


  2. On the My Tenants page, select a tenant first.

  3. Use the main menu to navigate to the Devices section of the Device Management category.

    All devices are listed.

  4. Search and select the device.

  5. On the device detail page, choose the Data Visualization tab.

  6. Select a Sensor from the dropdown list.

  7. Select a Capability from the dropdown list.

    In case that only one capability is available, it is selected automatically.

  8. Select the Properties from the dropdown list you would like to visualize in the chart.

    Initially, all properties of the selected capabilities are displayed.

  9. Choose the Line Chart or the Table View tab to see the measures with supported data formats.

    The chart opens.

    The chart only supports these data formats:

    • Integer

    • Long

    • Float

    • Double

    Other formats are shown in the Table View.

Where can you check the incoming values?
Step 2: Consume Measures of a Device Using the Message Processing API
  1. Open the UI for the Message Processing API:


    You see the main page with the categories overview.

  2. Choose Authorize.

  3. Enter your user credentials.

  4. Choose Authorize.

  5. Navigate to the Devices category.

  6. In the Measures category, choose GET /tenant/{tenantId}/measures/capabilities/{capabilityId}.

  7. Choose Try it out.

  8. In the field deviceId, enter the ID of the device you want to inspect.

  9. Enter the ID of the capability in the field capabilityId.

  10. Enter the ID of your tenant in the tenantId field.

  11. Choose Execute.

  12. Scroll to the Server response body and Code.

    In case of success the response code is 200 and the Response body contains the latest measures of the device.

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