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Build a PHP app connecting to SAP HANA Express Edition

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Build a PHP app connecting to SAP HANA Express Edition

Build a PHP app connecting to SAP HANA Express Edition

Create a PHP web application which outputs a query of the food documents stored in SAP HANA Express Edition's Document Store


You will learn


  • SAP HANA Express Edition 2.0 installed
  • 64-bit Apache 2.4 installed
  • 64-bit PHP 7.2 installed

  • How to create PHP app which and connect to your SAP HANA Express Edition instance.

Since the HANA ODBC driver is 64 bit, your environment should also be 64 bit. In order to follow this tutorial, it is assumed you already have a 64-bit PHP runtime installed on top of a 64-bit Apache web server, running on 64-bit Windows. You can follow the tutorial while working on Linux or macOS, but the procedure for installing the SAP HANA Client and its database drivers will be slightly different.

And instead of Apache, you may use a different 64-bit web server containing a 64-bit PHP runtime, but the location of the web root may differ from Apache’s.

Step 1: Download SAP HANA Client

In order to connect SAP HANA Express Edition to the PHP runtime, you need to install the SAP HANA ODBC database drivers. These are included in the SAP HANA Client download.

Open a browser and navigate to Click the HANA tab, and locate the SAP HANA Client 2.0 download.

Download the version of the SAP HANA Client applicable to your platform (Windows 64-bit, Linux, or macOS), and extract the contents to a local folder.

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Step 2: Install SAP HANA Client

Double-click the hdbsetup.exe file to start the installation.

SAP HANA Client setup

Specify a target location, and walk through the installation wizard to finalize the setup.

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Step 3: Create SAP HANA ODBC Data Source

Open the ODBC Data Source administrator on your Windows machine:

SAP HANA Client setup

Click the Add… button. A driver named HDBODBC should be listed, indicating the SAP HANA Client install was indeed successful:

SAP HANA Client setup

Make sure you select the HDBODBC driver, and click Finish.

Now, specify the following connection details:

Field Value
Data Source Name hxe
Description SAP HXE Datasource
Server:Port hxehost:39013
SAP HANA Client setup

For macOS and Linux, you can check the ODBC connection using the odbcreg application in the SAP HANA Client’s root folder.

Execute the command:

./odbcreg hxehost:39013 HXE SYSTEM <your_password>

It should then return a result like the following:

ODBC Driver test.

Connect string: 'SERVERNODE=hxehost:39013;SERVERDB=HXE;UID=SYSTEM;PWD=********;'.
retcode: 0
outString(73): SERVERNODE={hxehost:39013};SERVERDB=HXE;UID=SYSTEM;PWD=********;
Driver version 02.03.0112 (2018-08-14).
Select now(): 2018-09-24 20:42:40.123000000 (29)

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Step 4: Validate the ODBC connection

Click the Connect… button. Enter the credentials for the SYSTEM user:

SAP HANA Client setup

Click OK to test the connection. If everything went well, you should see the following message:

SAP HANA Client setup

Click OK to dismiss the popup, click OK to dismiss the ODBC test, and click OK to save the ODBC configuration. The data source configuration is now stored:

SAP HANA Client setup
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Step 5: Create a simple PHP app

Navigate to your <Apache-home>/htdocs/ folder, and create a new subfolder hxe. Within that folder, create a new file index.php.

Open the newly created index.php file with your text editor of choice, and add the following content:

    $datasource = "hxe";
    $servername = "hxehost:39013";
    $username   = "SYSTEM";
    $password   = "********";

    $conn   = odbc_connect($datasource, $username, $password, SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC);

    if (!($conn)) {
        exit("Connection Failed: " . $conn);
    } else {
        $sql = 'SELECT "name" FROM food_collection';
        $rs  = odbc_exec($conn,$sql);

        if (!$rs) {
            exit("Error in SQL");
        <th>Food Name</th>
        while (odbc_fetch_row($rs)) {
            $foodName = odbc_result($rs,"name");
            <?php echo $foodName ?>

The above code does the following;

  • First, a connection to the previously created ODBC data source is established, using the user credentials for the HXE database.
  • If the connection succeeds, an SQL query is executed
  • The results of the SQL query are then printed in a simple HTML table.
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Step 6: Run the PHP file

Open a browser and navigate to localhost/hxe/index.php.

If everything works well, you should see the following results:

SAP HANA Client setup
How many results does the PHP app return?

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