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Connect to SAP HANA, express edition using R

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Connect to SAP HANA, express edition using R

Connect to SAP HANA, express edition using R

In this how-to, you will learn how to connect to SAP HANA, express edition using R

How-To Details

You will learn how to connect to HXE using R in Rserve environment

  1. The R and Rserve environments have to be installed on a separate host. You cannot install R on the SAP HANA host. This tutorial assumes an R installation on a Linux system, preferably SLES Linux; no other R hosting environments are currently supported. The R/Rserve host has to be reachable from the SAP HANA host.

  2. Before installation please make sure that the related software packages exists. You can execute rpm -q <package_name> to determine whether you have these packages already installed.

xorg-x11-devel: for the support of X window gcc-fortran: c++ compiler readline-devel: install only if you want to use R as a standalone application libgfortran46: install only if you use SLES 11 SP2

  1. Download R language source code version 2.15.0 and run following commands to finish the installation.

./configure --enable-R-shlib make make install
Link to download R 2.15.0 source code:

  1. Now we have R installed then we need to install Rserve. Start R and execute install.packages("Rserve"). Of course, you can also download Rserve.tar.gz ,and execute install.packages("/path/to/your/Rserve.tar.gz",repos=NULL).

    image 1

  2. After install Rsever, we also need to configure it. Create a file under /etc, name it Rserve.conf and add following content:

maxinbuf 10000000 maxsendbuf 0 remote enable

  1. Set R_HOME to where your R is installed. Create a file under /etc/, name it libR.conf. Then add your R home path to it and execute ldconfig.

  2. Launch Rserve.

    /usr/local/lib64/R/bin/Rserve --RS-port 30020 --no-save --RS-encoding utf8

    image 2

  3. Now we have R/Rserve installed and configured. Then we need to configure HANA as well. Add following parameters to calcEngine under indexserver.ini.

    image 3

    Nodes: cer_rserve_addresses is where your Rserve running, you can either use IP:PORT format or HOSTNAME:PORT format. If you’re using multidb and running the script in systemdb then add the above parameters to calEngine under nameserver.ini

  4. We have everything configured, you can go ahead try out the following demo script

CREATE ROW TABLE "PRIME" ( "NUMBER" INT CS_INT ); insert into "PRIME" values(2); insert into "PRIME" values(3); insert into "PRIME" values(5); insert into "PRIME" values(7); CREATE ROW TABLE "PRIME_SQR" ( "NUMBER" INT CS_INT ); CREATE PROCEDURE MY_F(IN input1 PRIME,OUT result PRIME_SQR) LANGUAGE RLANG AS BEGIN result<$NUMBER^2); names(result)<-c("NUMBER"); END;

  1. You should get the following result after you run call MY_F(PRIME, ?)

    image 3

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