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SAP HANA, express edition, extract installation files and execute script

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SAP HANA, express edition, extract installation files and execute script

SAP HANA, express edition, extract installation files and execute script

Extract the installation binaries and execute the installation script

You will learn

  • How to finish installation of your SAP HANA, express edition, instance on Microsoft Azure and openSUSE

Step 1: Extract files and set permissions

As root, switch to the directory where you uploaded the files and will extract the installation binaries. You will extract and set permissions to the binaries by pasting the following into a console:

sudo su -
cd /<<extraction_target_directory>>
tar -xvzf hxe.tgz

If you are also installing XS Advanced, extract those files and set permissions on them too

tar -xvzf hxexsa.tgz

And now change permissions on the files:

chmod -R 777  ./HANA_EXPRESS_20/

Set permissions
Step 2: Take note of the name of your host

You will need this to feed it into the installation script parameters and to set up your computer’s host file.

Run hostname -s to see what the hostname is. Take note of it before you begin installation.

Step 3: Execute Installation script

From the same directory where you have just extracted the files, execute the installation script. Switch to root first.

sudo su –
cd /<<extraction_target_directory>>
Execute installation script

The script will request the following parameters:

If installing XS Advanced, whether you want to install the server-only or all.

Execute installation script XS Advanced
  1. Where the installer is: the path where you extracted the files + /HANA_EXPRESS_20. In this example, /home/<<myuser id>>/HANA_EXPRESS_20
  2. The local host name: use the short host name you checked on step 2. If you are in doubt, run command hostname -s in a separate console
  3. SAP HANA system ID: HXE is the default and what tutorials use but you can use whatever 3-digit id you like, .
  4. Instance number: Make sure the instance matches what you entered in the firewall rules for the instance-dependent ports. You can choose either 00 which is what many tutorials use or 90 which is the default for HXE. You can also choose any other number.
  5. Master password: Something you will remember as this will be the password for SYSTEM and <<sid>>adm, among others.
    Password must be at least 8 characters in length. It must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number. Special characters are allowed except for \ (backslash), " (double quotes), and ' (backtick).
  6. If you need a proxy server to access the internet

Once the script finished successfully, your SAP HANA, express edition, will be ready to use. Check the Getting started guide PDF document downloaded with the binaries to learn how to continue from here.

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