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Install Streaming Lite and Setup Freezer Lite

Learn how to install and configure Streaming Lite on Raspberry Pi 2.
You will learn
  • How to download Streaming Lite for Raspberry Pi 2
  • How to configure the environment variable STREAMING_HOME on Raspberry Pi 2
  • Step 1
    1. Download

      Go to SAP Software Downloads > Support Packages and Patches. Look under H, and navigate to “SAP HANA Streaming Analytics”. There, click the version of Streaming Analytics you have, and you will see STREAMING LITE under “Comprised Software Component Versions”. We want the LINUX ON ARM 32 BIT version. Download the most recent edition, which is at the top. In this tutorial, this file is called "SDSLITE200024_0-80002117.TGZ".

      Streaming Lite Download
    2. Move

      Move the installation file you just downloaded to the root (/home/pi) directory of our Raspberry Pi 2. WinSCP is a useful file transfer tool if you don’t already have another preferred option.

    3. Extract

      Extract our installation file by running the following line on Raspberry Pi 2. (change the file name below to match the file you downloaded):

      tar xvf streaming_lite_1.0.100.00_linuxarm32.tar
  • Step 2
    1. SSH to our Raspberry Pi using PuTTY.

      Note: You can run the command hostname - I in a local shell session on the Pi to return the board’s IP address

    2. Configure environment variable

      You need to configure the environment variable STREAMING HOME to be the path of our “install” folder. This is done by opening the /etc/profile configuration file using:


      sudo nano /etc/profile

      and then adding the following line:


      export STREAMING_HOME= $HOME/install

      $HOME is a variable containing the root directory for the current user, which should be /home/pi.

      Press Ctrl+O to write the change, click Enter to confirm, and then Ctrl+x to exit.

      Configure Streaming Home Environment Variable

    For the question below, select the correct answer, and click Validate.

    What is the environment variable `STREAMING HOME` configured to?

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