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Set Up the Eclipse Project for Streaming Lite Custom Java Adapter

Configure the development environment to create a Custom Java Adapter for our Streaming Lite project by copying required files from the SAP HANA system.
You will learn
  • How to copy over the Java SDK files required from our HANA system to HANA Studio/Eclipse
  • How to prepare the HANA Studio for Custom Java Adapter development
  • Step 1
    1. Create a folder on your computer to contain your project files. We will call our folder "custom_java_adapter"

    2. Connect to your SAP HANA system in WinSCP, and navigate to the directory /hana/shared/<sid>/streaming-<Version>/STREAMING-2_0. This is the Streaming Analytics installation folder, and its path is defined in $STREAMING_HOME

      Don’t forget to replace <sid> with your HANA System id and with your Streaming Analytics instance version

    3. Copy over the "libj" folder into your "custom_java_adapter" folder. These are Java SDK files required to build our custom Java Adapter.

      Move Java SDK Files

    For the question below, select the correct answer, and click Validate.

    Why is the 'libj' folder copied over from the SAP HANA system?

  • Step 2
    1. Open Eclipse/HANA Studio

    2. Create a new Java Project

    3. Set the project location as our "custom_java_adapter" folder. Our project name is custom_java_adapter

    4. Click next

      Create new Java Project
  • Step 3
    1. Under the Source tab, click “Create new source folder”

      Create New Source Folder
    2. In the window which pops up, name the folder "src" and click finish, to create a folder called "src". You will now see this folder displayed under our project directory in the “Source” tab.

    3. Check the box which says “Allow output folder for source folders”, and click finish. You have now created a new package called custom_java_adapter. You can expand and view it under “Package Explorer”.

      Allow Output Folder For Source Folders
  • Step 4
    1. Right click on our "src" folder, and select New>Class to create a new Java class.

      Create a New Java Class
    2. Create a new Java class in the folder custom_java_adapter/src. Set the package name as custom_java_adapter. Name the class "JavaAdapter". Only select "public static void main(String[] args)". Click Finish.

      New Java Class Configuration

      We have now created a new class, and a corresponding file in which we will develop our code.

      Java Adapter Ready to Develop
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