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Build and Test Custom C/C++ Adapter for Freezer Monitoring Lite

Learn how to compile, and build our custom C/C++ Adapter into an executable using the given Makefile. Then, test your Custom Adapter by using streamingsubscribe executable that comes with the installation of Streaming Lite.
You will learn
  • Step 1

    Now we need to compile and build our Custom C/C++ Adapter into an executable. To do this, open up PuTTY and navigate to your "custom_c_adapter" folder.

    Run the command make to build the .cpp file. This should generate an executable called custom_c_adapter.

    Build Custom C Adapter
  • Step 2

    We will now test out our Custom C/C++ Adapter.

    First, start up the freezer monitoring lite program in PuTTY by running:


    $STREAMING_HOME/bin/streamingproject --ccx $HOME/freezer_monitoring_lite.ccx --command-port 9230

    In another PuTTY window, navigate to the custom_c_adapter folder and run our Custom C/C++ Adapter:


    Run Custom C Adapter

    If successful, you will begin to see “Messages published successfully” on the screen.

    Finally, we will subscribe to the input stream inside our running project. The streamingsubscribe executable comes with the installation of Streaming Lite, and is used to view the contents of any stream in a running project. Open up another PuTTY window, and use it by running the following command. Make sure to replace <host> with your Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN):


    $STREAMING_HOME/bin/streamingsubscribe -s isFreezerTemperatureReading -p <host>:9230/freezer_monitoring_lite

    If successful, you should be able to see the rows our Custom C/C++ Adapter is sending into the project.

    See Rows Custom C Adapter

    For the question below, select the correct answer, and click Validate.

    True or False: custom_c_adapter should be executed before running the streamingsubscribe executable to be able to see the rows our custom adapter is sending.

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