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Deploy your mobile web app to SAP Cloud Platform

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Deploy your mobile web app to SAP Cloud Platform
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Deploy your mobile web app to SAP Cloud Platform


Deploy your app to SAP Cloud Platform and access it from your desktop and mobile devices

You will learn

After creating your app in SAP WEB IDE, you will now deploy it to your SAP Cloud Platform trial account and be able to see it on a mobile device.

Since any project that is created initially in the SAP Web IDE contains a neo-app.json file, it is ready to be deployed to SAP Cloud Platform. During the deployment process, Web IDE creates the HTML5 application in SAP Cloud Platform and also the related Git repository (which will track code changes) for your app automatically.

Step 1: Open the SAP Web ID

Open the SAP Web IDE. In SAP Web IDE, select the northwind project folder and open the context menu by right-clicking on it. Choose Deploy > Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform Deployment contextual menu
Step 2: Enter credentials and log in

If this is your first time deploying an app to the SAP Cloud Platform, you may see a dialog box requesting information to configure your Git repository. Enter your email and username and click OK.

SAP Cloud Platform Git user login

You will be prompted for your SAP Cloud Platform Password and click on Login.

SAP Cloud Platform user validation
Step 3: Deploy the app

Because all HTML application names on SAP Cloud Platform are lower case, the application name will be converted (if required) to lower-case letters. Check the Connect to the SAP Cloud Platform Git repository… checkbox, verify the version number is 1.0.0 and the Activate check box is marked. Click on Deploy.

SAP Cloud Platform HTML5 Deployment dialog box
Step 4: Wait for success message

The deployment process will take a few seconds, and after it has finished, you will see a success message.

SAP Cloud Platform deployment confirmation dialog box
Step 5: View your running app

Click on Open the active version of the application link to see your app running on SAP Cloud Platform. Your app should look like this:

Basic master-detail app using Northwind OData Service
Step 6: View app in browser

You can now enter the application URL in your mobile device browser to see it running there.

iPhone view of master-detail app showing responsive design adaptation

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