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Getting started with Cloud Foundry

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Getting started with Cloud Foundry
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Getting started with Cloud Foundry


Get your SAP Cloud account connected to Cloud Foundry, and set up your first container

You will learn

  • Create a Cloud Foundry space in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit
  • Install the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CLI) tools
  • Configure the CLI to log in to your SAP Cloud account

Step 1: Log in to the SAP Cloud Platform

Start by logging in to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Note: If you don’t have an account on SAP Cloud Platform yet, go to the Sign up for a free trial account tutorial, and then come back to this step.

Log on to the SAP Cloud Platform
Step 2: Select a Region

In the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, choose Home at the top of the screen.

Choose the Home link

This will lead you to the Home-Regions screen. Choose one of the Cloud Foundry environments (these should be
at the top of the list).

Note: Do not choose a Neo environment, as this is different from Cloud Foundry.

This tutorial will use the US East (VA) region. You can use this region, but it is best to choose the region closest to you.

Choose a nearby region
Step 3: Select the Global Account and Sub-Account

Select the Global account that matches your login.

Select the account

Next, select the trial sub-account.

select the sub-account
Step 4: Download and install the Command Line interface

Download the latest Command Line Interface (CLI) from the Cloud Foundry web site. Use the following URL:

On the Cloud Foundry website, choose either the command line installer (if you are set up to use one), or the binary from the table below. If you don’t know which to use, choose the installer (not the binary) for your Operating System from the table.

Open the installer on your computer, and follow the installation instructions.

Note: For more help with the CLI installation, look at the Cloud Foundry CLI installation documentation.

Download the CLI installer
Step 5: Connect the CLI to the cloud region

First, find the correct API URL for your Region. Select the correct region from this table.

Note: If your term is not listed, check the additional region and host URL’s.

Region URL
US East (VA) running on AWS
US West (CA) running on Azure
Europe (Frankfurt) running on AWS

Next, open a command line prompt on your computer. In the command line screen, type in the following:

cf api [Region URL]

Replace the [Region URL] section with the URL you selected from the table.

Set the Command Line region URL
Step 6: Log in using the CLI

In the same command prompt (from the previous step) type in the following command:

cf login

When prompted, enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, you should see your API endpoint, user, org, and space as shown in the screenshot.

Login to the region using the CLI

You are now set up to use the Cloud Foundry systems on SAP Cloud Platform.

For more information on the Command Line Interface (CLI), go to the Cloud Foundry Getting Started with the CLI website.

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