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Create an API Provider System

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Create an API Provider System

Create an API Provider System

July 19, 2021
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August 22, 2017
Create an API Provider system to connect to the SAP developer system created in the previous step.

You will learn

  • Create an API provider system
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SAP Integration Suite, API Management uses three main components to expose APIs.

  • The API Provider is used to abstract the connection to the backend / target system
  • The API Proxy is the actual API which contains the logic to connect to the target system. Here you can model the flow, add security policies, transform the incoming message or look for content injections
  • The API Product which bundles one or more API Proxies before they are exposed in the API Developer portal so they can be consumed by a developer

You will use SAP Integration Suite, API Management to create an API Provider. This API Provider will connect to a backend system, in your case to the SAP Gateway Developer System. In a real-life scenario the API Provider could connect to your Developer System. Once you have created and tested an API Proxy on it, you would transport the proxy to your productive system and the underlying API Provider would now point to your productive backend system.

Step 1: Learn about the API Management tools

In the next couple tutorials that are part of this series, you will take a look at the different tools that API Management provides. Get an overview of the tooling and how each component works together to help create your proxy.

Your proxy is what you expose to the outside world so they can consume your API. Review the blog to learn about the different building blocks of a proxy and how the tools SAP provided through API Management make it easier for you as a developer.

Where do you discover and consume Products that contain API Proxies?
Step 2: Open the SAP API Management Portal

Open the API Management, API Portal (you can get the URL from Integration Suite Launchpad, click on Design Develop, and Manage APIs).

Open SAP API Management API Portal
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Step 3: Quick start an API Provider creation

From the Quick Action tile on the Home screen you can immediately create an API Provider by clicking on API Provider.

Click on API Provider

This will bring up the create wizard for an API Provider.

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Step 4: View and create API Providers

To navigate to the API Developer area, select the Hamburger Menu in the upper left corner and click on Configure.

Click on Configure

API Providers will be selected by default from the tab menu to see the previously created providers and to create a new one.

To create a new provider from this page, click on Create

Click on Create
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Step 5: Enter information about the API Provider

In the overview area, enter the Name and Description for the API Provider.

Field Value
Name SAPDeveloperSystemES5
Description Public SAP Gateway system exposing OData
Enter Name and Description

Under the Connection tab, provide the following information.

Field Value
Type Internet
Port 443
Use SSL (checked)

Enter values for connection

On the Catalog Service Settings tab, provide the following information.

Field Value
Path Prefix /sap/opu/odata
Service Collection URL /IWFND/CATALOGSERVICE/ServiceCollection
Authentication Type Basic
UserName <your_GATEWAY_username>
Password <your_GATEWAY_password>
Enter values for catalog services
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Step 6: Save your API provider

Click on Save at the top-right side.

Save button
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Step 7: Test your settings

To Test your settings click on the Test Connection at the top right side

Tets connection

Also test Settings by navigating to the Catalog Service Settings tab on the API Provider and Click on the Catalog URL link to see the catalog.

Copy Catalog URL
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Step 8: View list of services

When the URL was correct you should see a list of services available on the SAP Gateway system (this screen may look different on different browsers). If you entered your authentication details correctly, you should not be prompted for a username and password. If you are asked for a username and password, verify your credentials in the API Provider Authentication tab are your correct Gateway credentials. After 3 failed attempts, your Gateway will lock.

Successful result
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Step 9: Go back to the API Provider overview

When the API Provider was saved successful a toast will quickly show up and you will see all the values you had previously entered. Click on the SAPDeveloperSystemES4 link to go back to the API Provider overview screenshot

Go back to the overview screen
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Step 10: View providers

Now you can see API Provider in the list of available API Providers.

Overview of API Providers
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