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SAP HANA XS Classic, Develop your first SAP HANA XSC Application

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SAP HANA XS Classic, Develop your first SAP HANA XSC Application

SAP HANA XS Classic, Develop your first SAP HANA XSC Application

In this tutorial you will make your very first SAP HANA XSC application using the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench.

You will learn

  1. How to use the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench.
  2. How to develop a simple server-side application.
  3. How to publish and run an application.



DEPRECATED: SAP HANA XS Classic is deprecated as of SPS02. Please use XS Advanced, and learn about how to get started with the new mission Get Started with XS Advanced Development.


Step 1: Using SAP Cloud Platform

Each Trial HANA MDC instance comes with the HANA Web-based Development Workbench. The workbench allows you to develop on HANA without the need to set up a local development environment.

Login to the HANA Cloud Cockpit with your free developer edition account.
Choose Persistence in the left column menu and then Database & Schemas. You will need to create your new instance. To do this simply give it a name, enable web access and of course give a password. This password you will need to remember as it is the password for your SYSTEM user and how you will be able to access the server.

New Database and Schema

Once you begin the creation process, you will be redirected to an events tab.

Database Events

Remember the instance runs for a limited time, so if you have to come back later you may need to restart it.


Just click start to restart it. Also note it’s only valid for 30 days.

Couple of more steps before we hit the editor

You’ll need to click on the “Admin Cockpit” first to trigger the authorizations you will need going forward.

Manage Roles

Once your authorizations have applied, you should then select the “Manage Roles and Users”.

System User

Here you can create a new user. This is recommended so you do not risk the “SYSTEM” user.

Copy UserFind roles

Now simply apply new roles to the user to give this user the appropriate authorizations to begin developing.

Find rolesAdmin roles

With that completed we can now log into the “SAP HANA Web Based Development Workbench”

Access workbench

You are now in the Editor and can immediately start developing in HANA.

Step 2: Using SAP HANA, express edition

For HXE enter the address http://hxehost:8090/sap/hana/ide/ in to the address bar of your browser. This works provided you have the Server + Applications version or if you followed these steps to add the XSC tooling to your Server Only instance.

Step 3: Create Package for your Application

The first step to start developing a SAP HANA application with SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench is to create a new package for the application.

Here we will create a package called codejam, Right-Click on the content folder on the left, and enter the package details.

Create Package

Now you have a package that is waiting for your code, now we will Right-Click on the codejam package and choose Create Application

Create Application

This step will generate 3 files, the .xsapp, .xsaccess and an index.html.

Step 4: Now Create the Application

Now is the time to actually create some application code. In SAP HANA XSC application code essentially is JavaScript code provided in .xsjs files. Now such a file will be created.

Open the context menu of the codejam package by right-clicking on the name and choose Create File. Enter mylibrary.xsjs as file name and save with Enter:

New File

The new empty file is now open in the Editor:

XSJS file in editor

Copy and paste this code to the just created mylibrary.xsjs file:

$.response.contentType = "text/html";
$.response.setBody("My Personal Library");

Save the file using the Save button or by pressing ctrl+s. Again, the successful save is confirmed in the console.

Save file
Step 5: Deploy, Run and Test the Application

Now the application is ready to be tested. As you are developing with the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench the application is already deployed and activated to your SAP HANA Trial Instance. So you can immediately continue to test it:

Select the mylibrary.xsjs file to enable the Run on Server in the toolbar. Then click the Run on Server button:

The application will open in your browser and greet you with the beginning of your personal library:

Web Preview

Congratulations: You just have your first own native SAP HANA application running on SAP Cloud Platform!

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