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Pattern Matching using OpenCypher

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Pattern Matching using OpenCypher

Pattern Matching using OpenCypher

Pattern Matching using OpenCypher

You will learn

  • How to execute OpenCypher pattern matching queries


Step 1: OpenCypher in Graph Viewer

In Graph Viewer click on Algorithm icon.

Select Cypher, paste the code.

MATCH (point1)
WHERE point1.ticket_office = 'TRUE'
RETURN point1.node_id as C

click Apply.

Only matched nodes with ticket_office = ‘TRUE’ has been selected.

Click on each of them and check the value of a parameter ticket_office in the left pane.

Ticket Offices
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Step 2: More examples with OpenCypher

Copy the statement and paste it into Cypher’s code field.

MATCH (point1)-[conn]->(point2)
WHERE point1.ticket_office = 'TRUE' AND = 'TRUE'
RETURN point1.node_id as C

Click Apply. Now you selected only edges (or relationships in Cypher terminology), where you can go directly from a station with a ticket office to a station with a restaurant.


Now let’s find all runs for beginners.

MATCH (sta1)-[lift]->(sta2), (sta2)-[blue]->(sta1)
WHERE lift.mode = 'lift' AND blue.difficulty = 'blue'
RETURN sta1.node_id AS S, lift.edge_id AS C, sta2.node_id AS F

You selected only pairs of stations where you can go up using a lift, and then go down using a blue run (blue runs are the easiest for beginners).

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Step 3: Pattern Matching in calculation scenarios

SAP HANA Graph provides a new graph calculation node that can be used in calculation scenarios (think objects generated from calculated views). This node allows you to execute one of the available actions on the given graph workspace and provide results as table output. The action MATCH_SUBGRAPHS allows you to execute pattern matching queries written in the supported subset of the OpenCypher query language on the given graph workspace. Calculation scenarios can be created with SQL as shown in the following section.

Go back to SQL Console and execute the following code.

SET SCHEMA "DAT646_000";

<cubeSchema version="2" operation="createCalculationScenario" defaultLanguage="en">
  <calculationScenario name="CYPHER">
      <graph name="match_subgraphs_node" defaultViewFlag="true"
      workspace="SKIING" action="MATCH_SUBGRAPHS">
          MATCH (sta1)-[lift]->(sta2), (sta2)-[blue]->(sta1)
          WHERE lift.mode = ''lift'' AND blue.difficulty = ''blue''
          RETURN sta1.node_id AS Lower_station, lift.edge_id AS Lift_up,
          sta2.node_id AS Upper_station, blue.edge_id AS Run_down
            <viewAttribute name="Lower_station" datatype="integer"/>
            <viewAttribute name="Lift_up"  datatype="integer"/>
            <viewAttribute name="Upper_station" datatype="integer"/>
            <viewAttribute name="Run_down" datatype="integer"/>
' WITH PARAMETERS ('EXPOSE_NODE'=('match_subgraphs_node', 'CYPHER'));


You can see Column Views now have CYPHER object created.

As well data is selected from that calculation view using the pattern matching.

calc view with OpenCypher
What are the possible ways to call OpenCypher pattern matching statement in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 3?

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