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Create a Live Data Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud

Create a Live Data Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud to consume the calculation view built on SAP HANA Cloud.
You will learn
  • Understand the setup of SAP HANA Cloud Live Data Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud
venkatps1Venkata Reddy P SOctober 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021


  • You have Set Up a BTP Account for Tutorials. Follow the instructions to get an account, and then to set up entitlements and service instances for the following BTP services.
    • SAP Business Application Studio
    • SAP Analytics Cloud trial

In this tutorial, you will learn about the creation of a Live Data Connection. The Live data Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud enables you to consume the calculation view created on top of SAP HANA Cloud as a data source to create visualizations.

  • Step 1
    1. Navigate to SAP BTP trial and select the dev space and then choose the instances. Here you will get to see the application instances.

      HANA Con Creation
    2. Select the application that you have deployed in BAS.

      HANA COn Creation
    3. Click on the keys, to see the credentials to be used for establishing live connection in SAP Analytics Cloud.

      HANA COn Creation

      Using the schema details one can create a generic credentials set (like reporting user) which can later be used in SAP Analytics Cloud.

    4. Go to SAP Analytics Cloud trial, click on connections then click on the + icon to create a live data connection setting.
      Select connect to Live data then choose SAP HANA.

      HANA COn Creation
    5. Provide a name to HANA Live connection. Select the connection type as SAP HANA Cloud.

      HANA COn Creation
    6. Provide the hostname, language key, username, password details (The details are obtained from HANA application under deployed instances section of BTP trial) and click OK.

      HANA COn Creation
    7. This creates the HANA Live data connection setting.

      HANA COn Creation

      Next step is to create a Live data model based on the calculation view you have created.

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  • Step 2

    The type of connection that we have created in this scenario is:

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