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SAP HANA Service, explore Operational Reporting for SAP ECC using test data

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SAP HANA Service, explore Operational Reporting for SAP ECC using test data

SAP HANA Service, explore Operational Reporting for SAP ECC using test data

Requires Customer/Partner License
January 5, 2021
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July 22, 2019
Clone and deploy the Calculation Views for SAP ECC Operational Reporting and import test data to consume from SAP Analytics Cloud

You will learn

  • How to import and deploy the template calculation views into SAP HANA using SAP Web IDE
  • How to remove the pre-built artifacts for Smart Data Integration to explore the templates using the test data
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This tutorial cannot currently be completed with a trial account.

If you would like to deploy the SAP HANA Operational Reporting Templates for SAP ECC including the artifacts to integrate with an SAP ECC system, refer to the instructions in the repository

Step 1: Clone repository

Right-click on the workspace in SAP Web IDE and choose Git -> Clone Repository

Clone repo

Enter the following repository:
Clone repo

If you are using the trial in SAP Cloud Platform and get the error No hdi-shared plan available found in this space, switch to the EU10 region. Check this blog post for instructions on changing the region.
Right-click on the repository and choose Project -> Project Settings to change the space where it is deployed
Clone repo

If you get an error, stating version (installed) is incompatible with in the trial account in SAP Cloud Platform, change the plugin version in the hidden file .hdiconfig
Clone repo

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Step 2: Remove data replication artifacts

This repository includes virtual tables and flowgraphs to replicate data from an SAP ECC system. You will use the sample data instead.

If you want to deploy the replication artifacts, you will need to configure cross-container access. Follow the instructions in the README file in the repository

Remove the artifacts related to replication. Right-click on db/src/loads_CONFIGURE_ME and delete it.

Delete replication

Remove the folder db/cfg_CONFIGURE_ME

Delete replication
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Step 3: Build and preview the calculation views

Right-click on the db folder and choose Build.

Build module

The build log should show a successful deployment. You can scroll up to check for any errors.

Build module

After successful deployment, you can preview the data in each of the models. For example:

Build module
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Step 4: Install Information Access

If you are using a productive instance of the SAP HANA Service, you can use the Information Access (InA) protocol to connect with SAP Analytics Cloud or other reporting tools using the HTTP protocol for live connections.

Use these instructions to deploy the XS Advanced HANA Analytics Adapter into the Cloud Foundry stack in SAP Cloud Platform.

When configuring the connection from SAP Analytics Cloud, call it HANALIVE.

Note: For on-premise SAP HANA systems or SAP HANA, express edition, follow the instructions in this series of blog posts instead.

Once connected you can continue by creating reports in SAC to consume the Calculation Views deployed in earlier steps.

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