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Get Homer to the closest brewery

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Get Homer to the closest brewery

Get Homer to the closest brewery

15 min.
Access SAP HANA, express edition from SQLPAD

You will learn

  • Use SQLPAD running in a container to connect to SAP HANA, express edition on another container in the same pod
  • Get information about services in Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Use text fuzzy search, document store and a geospatial query in SAP HANA, express edition

Step 1: Copy the external IP address

Copy the external IP address from the previous command for the service called sqlpad

Connect to sqlpad
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Step 2: Log in to SQLPAD

Open a new tab. Paste the IP address followed by port 3000

Connect to sqlpad

Hit Enter and click on Sign up

Connect to sqlpad

Use the following credentials to set up the administration access

  • Email: admin@email
  • Password: Google+SAP
Connect to sqlpad

Repeat the credentials to log in

Connect to sqlpad
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Step 3: Connect to the database

Click admin -> Connections on the right upper corner.

Connect to sqlpad

Click New Connection

Connect to sqlpad

Call it HANA and choose the SAP HANA driver

Connect to sqlpad

Go back to the cloud console. Copy the external IP address for the service hxe-connect

Connect to sqlpad

Paste it into the Host Server IP address and complete the rest of the fields to access your tenant database

Connect to sqlpad

Click Save.

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Step 4: Create a collection and insert values

Click New Query. Execute the following statements one by one to create a collection and insert a set of quotes.

These quotes also have the coordinates to the closest breweries in town. You will be helping Homer find the closest brewery.

create collection quotes;

insert into quotes values ( { "FROM" : 'HOMER', "TO" : 'BART',  "QUOTE" :  'I want to share something with you: The three little sentences that will get you through life. Number 1: Cover for me. Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss! Number 3: It wai like that when I got here.', "MOES_BAR" : 'Point(  -86.880306 36.508361 )', "QUOTE_ID" : 1  });

insert into quotes values ( { "EPISODE" : 'GRADE SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL', "FROM" : 'HOMER',   "QUOTE" :  'Wait a minute. Bart''s teacher is named Krabappel? Oh, I''ve been calling her Crandall. Why did not anyone tell me? Ohhh, I have been making an idiot out of myself!', "QUOTE_ID" : 2, "MOES_BAR" : 'Point( 2.161018 41.392641 )' });

insert into quotes values ( { "FROM" : 'HOMER',   "QUOTE" :  'Oh no! What have I done? I smashed open my little boy''s piggy bank, and for what? A few measly cents, not even enough to buy one beer. Weit a minute, lemme count and make sure…not even close.', "MOES_BAR" : 'Point( -122.400690 37.784366 )', "QUOTE_ID" : 3 });

##Note: You can select each sentence to execute them one-by-one.

Take a look at the SQL statements you have just executed. You have created a JSON collection also known as document store or NoSQL. Unlike tables, these are key-value pairs. These are not tables and do not have columns, however, SAP HANA allows you to execute SQL statements to query the document store.

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Step 5: Move values from document store to columnar store

Use the following SQL statement to move the data from the document store onto a newly-created columnar table.

--Create a columnar table with a text fuzzy search index
create column table quote_analysis
	id integer,
	lon_lat nvarchar(200)


-- Copy the quotes form the JSON store to the relational table
insert into quote_analysis
with doc_store as (select quote_id, quote from quotes)
select doc_store.quote_id as id, doc_store.quote as homer_quote, 'Point( 2.151255 41.354159 )'
from doc_store;
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Step 6: Don't keep Homer waiting

The original quotes in the document store contained typos. These typos were all related to the word wait. Use fuzzy search to find the highest similarity score to the word wait. That same result will also have the closest brewery in town.

select  id, score() as similarity , lon_lat, TO_VARCHAR(HOMER_QUOTE)
from quote_analysis
where contains(HOMER_QUOTE, 'wait', fuzzy(0.5,'textsearch=compare'))
order by similarity desc

Take a note of the value in ID for the first result, that is, the result with the highest similarity score.

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Step 7: How far does Homer have to go?

Assuming Homer is at the Google + SAP booth at SAP TechEd in Barcelona, ask SAP HANA how far away he is from some beer and tapas.

Use the ID returned in the previous query to replace in the placeholder below.

with doc_store as (select quote_id, moes_bar from quotes)
select st_geomFromText( quote_analysis.lon_lat, 4326).st_distance(st_geomFromtext( doc_store.moes_bar, 4326), 'meter') / 1000 as DISTANCE_KM
from doc_store
inner join quote_analysis on doc_store.quote_id = <<Fill in with the ID of the highest similarity score>>;
About how many KM away is the closest brewery according to the results?

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