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Create a cluster

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Create a cluster

Create a cluster

10 min.
Create a cluster in Google Kubernetes Cluster

You will learn

  • How to create a Kubernetes cluster in the Google Kubernetes Engine
  • How to configure a cluster to deploy SAP HANA, express edition and SQLPAD

Step 1: Create a cluster

Click Create a Cluster.

Create a cluster

Change the amount of nodes to 1 and choose the configuration with 4 vCPUs and 15 GB memory

Create a cluster

Click Advanced edit

Create a cluster

Change the image type to Ubuntu and the book disk type to SSD persistent disk

Create a cluster

Click Save. Then Click create

Create a cluster

What is going on?
You are creating a Kubernetes cluster with computing capacity for SAP HANA, express edition in a single node. This single node will contain a deployment with two containers: the first container will be SAP HANA, express edition. The second container will be a SQLPAD image. The images for these containers will be pulled from the public Docker repository and store. The containers will be connected to each other and have some ports exposed to the internet.

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Step 2: Connect to your cluster

Once the cluster has been created successfully, click Connect.

Create a cluster

Click Run in cloud shell.

Create a cluster

Once the console is open and the command is ready, click Enter

Create a cluster
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Step 3: Create a secret

Copy and paste the following command to create a secret:

kubectl create secret docker-registry docker-secret --docker-server= --docker-username=gnext18 --docker-password=Google@SAPTeched2018

Note: These are temporary credentials to be used at SAP TechEd 2018. Please use your own credentials outside of the AppSpace or if you want to try this again at home. You can register for free at the Docker Store.

Press enter and use the result of the command to complete the validation below

What does the message say?

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