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Google App Engine Webapp

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Google App Engine Webapp

Google App Engine Webapp

Implement a full web application with port listening and continuous interaction with SAP HANA

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Now to modify your code to implement a full web application with port listening and continuous interaction with SAP HANA


Step 1: Install express

Now you will need to add additional node module, run the command npm install express --save.

Now open your app.js, here you will add the following to the top of your code.

var sql_command = "";

const express = require('express');
const app = express();

// [START hdb_client]
Step 2: Modify Output

Now to modify the output, previously the output was simply a console.log out put so a slight modification will output to the web browser.

app.get('/', function (req, res) {
  async.waterfall([connect, executeSQL, disconnect], function (err, rows) {
      if (err) {
          return console.error(err);
      res.send("System Version: " + rows[0].VALUE);
Step 3: Add listening port

Now to the bottom of the file you will add the following code which will enable a listening port and web interface.

if (module === require.main) {
  // [START server]
  const server = app.listen(process.env.PORT || 8080, () => {
    const port = server.address().port;
    console.log(`App listening on port ${port}`);
  // [END server]

module.exports = app;
Step 4: Sync and Deploy

Now you will need to synchronize your changes to GitHub.

updated changes

Now you will need to return to the Google Cloud Shell where you will run a git pull command to bring down the changes from GitHub.


Now you can execute the npm start command again to test the application or you can choose to deploy the application by the following command.

gcloud app deploy --project sapdevs-sample-1

The result this time should be very different from the first attempt.

Updating service [default]...|Stopping version [sapdevs-sample-1/default/20170314t151959].                                                                                  
Updating service [default]...-WARNING: Error stopping version [sapdevs-sample-1/default/20170314t151959]: INTERNAL: This flexible version cannot be modified, it can only be
WARNING: Version [sapdevs-sample-1/default/20170314t151959] is still running and you must stop or delete it yourself in order to turn it off. (If you do not, you may be cha
Updating service [default]...done.                                                                                                                                          
Deployed service [default] to []
You can stream logs from the command line by running:
  $ gcloud app logs tail -s default
To view your application in the web browser run:
  $ gcloud app browse
Step 5: Viewing in the Browser

In order to access your now deployed app you will need to go to the App Engine and from here you can see the URL of your new service.

app engineapp engine dashboard

Clicking the URL in the right corner will load the app itself.

System Version: (fa/hana2sp00)

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