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Set Up SAP Fiori Tools in Your Development Environment

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Set Up SAP Fiori Tools in Your Development Environment

Set Up SAP Fiori Tools in Your Development Environment

April 2, 2021
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June 23, 2020
Set up your development environment and the extensions that enable SAP Fiori tools so that you can begin creating SAP Fiori apps.

You will learn

  • How to download Visual Studio Code
  • How to download SAP Fiori tools from Microsoft’s Visual Studio Marketplace
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SAP Fiori tools is an extension pack available for Visual Studio Code and SAP Business Application Studio that is designed to increase the efficiency of SAP Fiori elements app development. SAP Fiori is SAP’s user experience, intended to provide end-users with apps that are role-based, adaptive, coherent, simple, and delightful. SAP Fiori elements provides predefined page types for SAP Fiori development, allowing users to quickly create SAPUI5 apps while taking advantage of the user interface provided by SAP. SAP Fiori tools allows users to easily generate SAP Fiori elements apps, modify the app’s functionality, generate new pages, and preview the application with both backend and mock data.

In this tutorial group, you will be using SAP Fiori tools to create an app featuring a list of objects, with additional pages that provide more detailed information about the items in the list. You will be able to preview this app using real backend data provided by SAP, as well as mock data.

To get started, this tutorial will introduce you to Visual Studio Code and explain how to download the required extensions from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Step 1: Download Microsoft Visual Studio Code

To begin your set up, download Visual Studio Code from the Visual Studio Code website:

If you need additional support for getting started with Visual Studio Code, you can find more information here:

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Step 2: Get to know VSCode

If you have never used Visual Studio Code, it is advised that you familiarize yourself with it. If you have used it before, you may skip this step.

Here are some resources to help orient yourself with Visual Studio Code:

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Step 3: Install SAP Fiori tools from VSCode Marketplace

Now that you have access to Visual Studio Code, you need to install the suite of SAP Fiori tools extensions. All the required/recommended extensions have been curated and bundled as part of a single extension pack, to allow easier and consistent download/installation.

You can learn more about Visual Studio Code extension management here

In Visual Studio Code’s Activity Bar, click the icon for extensions.

Visual Studio Code activity bar

Next, clear the Search Box at the top of the Extensions view, type SAP Fiori tools, and then press Enter.

Click the extension called SAP Fiori tools - Extensions Pack, and then click Install.

VSCode Extensions install button

Once you install the Extension pack, it is recommended that you restart Visual Studio Code.

To simplify installation, all the required SAP Fiori tools extensions have been bundled into an Extension Pack. What is the name of that Extension Pack?

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