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Configure Mobile Services in Assistant

Enable SAP Mobile Services and create a connection in the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS.
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sandeep-tdsSandeep TDSMarch 31, 2021
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April 22, 2019


  • Completed the previous tutorial(s) in this group.
  • Development environment: Apple Mac running macOS Catalina or higher with Xcode 11 or higher
  • SAP BTP SDK for iOS: Have downloaded Version 5.1.0 or higher from Trials and Downloads
  • How to create a connection in the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS
  • Step 1

    The SAP BTP SDK for iOS is designed to work seamlessly with a set of services provided by the SAP BTP that are optimized for communication with mobile devices, known collectively as Mobile Services. These include not only data services, but also features like analytics, push notifications, and app configuration. Before creating your first app, you’ll need to ensure that Mobile Services are enabled for your trial account.

    If you have already configured the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS, you can skip this step and proceed with the “Create Your First Fiori for iOS App” tutorial.

    To enable the service, do the tutorial Enable SAP Mobile Services.

  • Step 2

    The SAP BTP SDK for iOS includes an Assistant app for generating and managing iOS apps that use the Mobile Services. To get started with the Assistant, you’ll need to configure it for your account. Part of this configuration can be imported automatically.

    Once you’re logged in to SAP Mobile Services, click the Important Links tab in the lower left bottom. The Important Links section opens.

    Locate the tile SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS and click the Importing URLs directly link:

    Important Links

    NOTE: Please make sure that the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS is on the main window.

    You should now see the following pop-up:

    Import URLs

    Click Allow. The SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS application will start. The Add Mobile Services Account settings dialog will open, and both API URL and UI URL parameters are pre-populated automatically:

    Import URLs

    Provide the following additional details:

    Field Value
    Name A descriptive name for the configuration, for instance SAP Mobile Services
    Authentication Type Single Sign-On

    Click Save when finished. The account is now added to the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS:

    Import URLs

    Click Back to return to the main screen for the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS.

    What do you need before you can enable SAP Mobile Services? Check the correct answer.

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