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Install the SAP BTP SDK for iOS

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Install the SAP BTP SDK for iOS

Install the SAP BTP SDK for iOS

March 31, 2021
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March 28, 2017
Install the SAP BTP SDK for iOS locally on your machine.


You will learn

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  • You completed the previous tutorial(s) in this group.
  • Development environment: Apple Mac running macOS Catalina or higher with Xcode 11 or higher
  • SAP BTP SDK for iOS: Download Version 5.1.0 or higher from Trials and Downloads

  • How to add the SAP BTP SDK for iOS framework files to your project
  • How to set the correct references

Step 1: Store SDK files locally

Download the SAP-CP-for-iOS.dmg disk image file. Extracting and double-clicking the file will mount it as a drive. Open the mounted image, and you will see it the following:

Adding files dialog

Drag the application file SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS to the local Applications folder.

The Assistant is a macOS app that rapidly generates object-oriented Swift proxy classes for OData services, eliminating exposure to low-level APIs. The Assistant also generates Mobile Services configuration and creates a ready to run Xcode project for iPhone or iPad.

The SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS will be covered in detail in one of the next tutorials.

If you have used version 1.0 of the SAP BTP SDK for iOS before, you may have noticed the Frameworks, Tools and Documentation folders are no longer available. These can now all be accessed from the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS’s App menu.

It is not necessary to extract the frameworks but if is needed then click Export Frameworks, select a folder where you wish the frameworks to be exported.

Adding files dialog
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Step 2: Test yourself
How many files are in the SDK's DMG folder

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