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Create a New User and Assign Permissions

Create a new `TCPH` user as well as assign roles and privileges to the new user.
You will learn
  • Creating users in the database (you will create the TPCH schema that is used throughout the guide).
  • Assigning roles and privileges(permissions) to users.


  • Step 1

    This tutorial is a continuation from the Create Extended Storage tutorial. You should be logged in as the SYSTEM user by default which has all the necessary roles and privileges assigned to it when you install Dynamic Tiering. Creating tables under the SYSTEM user is an option, but you will create a new user to organize the tables and permissions.

    Go to SAP HANA Administration Console, then the Systems view on the left side. Click on the drop-down arrow of your system to expand the tree list. Then expand to Security > Users. Right click on the Users and select New Users to add a new user.

    New User

    In the new user tab, enter “TPCH” for the User Name. Enter a password you desire. The requirement for the password is at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter and one digit. Select No for Force password change on next logon to avoid having to change your password in the future. Keep the other options as default.

    Note: Remember the password since you will need it to login as the TPCH user.

    User and Password

    Click the green Deploy button near the top right to add the user. You will receive a confirmation message at the top of the tab indicating that the TPCH user has been created.

    Deploy User
    User Created
  • Step 2

    In order to add roles and privileges, make sure you are still connected to the HANA system as the “SYSTEM” user. In the same TPCH user window you just added the new user, go to the Granted Roles tab on the bottom. Click the green plus sign to add new roles.

    Add Grant Roles

    In the new window that popped up, search and add all the roles listed below. If you want to select multiple roles while the window is open, hold Ctrl and click on the desired roles to be added. Click OK after you are done.

    • sap.hana.uis.db::SITE_DESIGNER
    • sap.hana.uis.db::SITE_USER
    Search and Add

    Now go to the System Privileges tab and click on the green plus sign to add new privileges. Add the listed privileges the same way you did for the roles.

    • IMPORT
    Add System Privileges

    In the roles and privileges tabs on the bottom, double check that you have all the items listed below.

    • Granted Roles
      • MODELING
      • PUBLIC (Automatically granted when the TPCH user is created)
      • sap.hana.uis.db::SITE_DESIGNER
      • sap.hana.uis.db::SITE_USER
    • System Privileges
      • IMPORT
    • Object Privileges
      • TPCH (automatically granted when user is created)

    In order to save the changes you made, press the green Deploy button on the top right. You can also press F8. You will receive a confirmation message at the top of the tab indicating that the TPCH user has been changed.

    Deploy Change
    Change Applied
  • Step 3

    In the SAP HANA Administration Console perspective, right click on your system in the Systems view and select Add System with Different User.

    Different User

    Enter the TPCH user credentials. Check the Store user name and password in secure storage check box to have Studio remember your credentials. Then click Finish.


    You should see another connection to your system show up under the Systems view on the left. Notice how this new connection has the “(TPCH)” user after the System ID to indicate it is logged on as the TPCH user.

    System Added

    At the very beginning of this tutorial, in step 1, you were logged in as which user?

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