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🔴 Devtoberfest - SAP Process Automation Challenge - Easy

In the third week of Devtoberfest, the low-code, no-code track is focused on SAP Process Automation. Here's an easy quiz so you earn extra points toward the Devtoberfest grand prize.
You will learn
  • A lot of technology during Devtoberfest
thecodesterDaniel WroblewskiOctober 9, 2022
Created by
October 3, 2022

This tutorial is part of the Devtoberfest 2022, a celebration of and for Developers. For more information, see the Devtoberfest Group.

  • Step 1
    Browse Contents

    When you select Browse Contents, where are you taken?

  • Step 2
    Browse Contents

    To trigger a process, you can use one of the following?

  • Step 3
    Browse Contents

    What artifacts can you add to your SAP Process Automation process?

  • Step 4

    On the Overview page of your project, there are 2 tabs. One is called Artifacts, the other is called ... ?

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