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🔴 Devtoberfest 2022 Week 3 - Low Code No Code - Session Review

1 min.
In the third week of Devtoberfest, on the Low Code No Code day (Thursday), you watched sessions about how to create workflows with SAP Process Automation, as well as desktop automations. Show that you were listening, and earn extra points toward the grand prize.
You will learn
  • A lot of technology during Devtoberfest
thecodesterDaniel WroblewskiOctober 12, 2022
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October 9, 2022



This tutorial is part of the Devtoberfest 2022, a celebration of and for Developers. For more information, see the Devtoberfest Group.

  • Step 1

    The next 2 questions relate to Eric Hagen’s session: Get to Know SAP Process Automation with a Fun Example.

    In Eric's talk, what were the use cases for using low-code tools?

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  • Step 2

    Who is Eric's Favorite Child (at the moment)?

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  • Step 3

    This question relates to Peter McNulty’s session: Are Your Processes Performing Well? We’ll Show You How to Check.

    To view information about your process, you need the following?

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  • Step 4

    This question relates to Archana Shukla’s 2 session: Watch SAP Process Automation in Action and Bring Your Process to Life with Forms and Decisions.

    In Archana's 2 demos, she showed you how to create which of the following?

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