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🔴 Devtoberfest 2022 Week 2 - Low Code No Code - Session Review

1 min.
In the second week of Devtoberfest, on the Low Code No Code day (Thursday), you watched sessions about how to get started with SAP AppGyver, what's happening with SAP AppGyver and SAP BTP together, how to make your apps beautiful, and 7 tips from SAP AppGyver guru Onno Bos. Show that you were listening, and earn extra points toward the Devtoberfest grand prize.
You will learn
  • A lot of technology during Devtoberfest
thecodesterDaniel WroblewskiOctober 12, 2022
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September 28, 2022



This tutorial is part of the Devtoberfest 2022, a celebration of and for Developers. For more information, see the Devtoberfest Group.

  • Step 1

    This question relates to Onno Bos’s session: 7 Tips from an SAP AppGyver Guru.

    In Onno Bos's 7 tips for AppGyver, Tip 3 says to structure your project by doing what (2 correct answers)?

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  • Step 2

    This question relates to Marc Huber’s session: Sneak Peak on SAP AppGyver Integration Into SAP BTP.

    In Marc Huber's session on SAP AppGyver and SAP BTP, select both the recently added feature that allows connecting to SAP backends with authentication, and the big new feature hopefully coming soon.

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  • Step 3

    This question relates to Akseli Virtanen’s session: AppGyver for Pro-Code Developers.

    Akseli explained advanced features especially for pro-code developers, including building your own components. Where do you build them?

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  • Step 4

    This question relates to Mevi Melkko’s session: Make Your Apps Beautiful.

    What is the name of the component that Mevi says will be your best friend, helping you keep your UI together?

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