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🟒 Exercism Demo & Presentation with Lars Hvam Petersen

In the second week of Devtoberfest, on the ABAP day (Monday), you watched a live session with Lars Hvam Petersen about ABAP on Exercism and learned about how this new track came about and get a walk through of the exercises.
You will learn
  • What is Exercism?
  • Get a walk through of the exercises
MamikeeMamikee KannehOctober 10, 2022
Created by
October 4, 2022



This tutorial is part of the Devtoberfest 2022, a celebration of and for Developers. For more information, see the Devtoberfest Group.

  • Step 1

    Answer the following question to earn points towards the Devtoberfest grand prize

    Which ABAP exercises were featured in the September Community Code Challenge on ABAP?

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