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🟢 Introduction to ABAP Object Oriented Patterns

In the first week of Devtoberfest, on the ABAP day (Monday), you watched sessions about the basics of object-oriented design in the ABAP language but also discuss some of the common design patterns that are most often used in ABAP. Show that you were listening, and earn extra points toward the grand prize.
You will learn
  • Basics of ABAP Object Oriented Design
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Factory Pattern to Dependency Injection
jung-thomasThomas JungSeptember 29, 2022
Created by
September 29, 2022



This tutorial is part of the Devtoberfest 2022, a celebration of and for Developers. For more information, see the Devtoberfest Group.

  • Step 1

    Answer the following question to earn points towards the Devtoberfest grand prize

    Which ABAP OO Pattern uses a static method to instantiate and return an instance of the class that it is a part of. That class is itself often abstract or private.

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