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Create Workflow (part 4), Monitor Task and Workflow Execution in SAP Data Intelligence, Trial Edition

Monitor task execution using SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition.
You will learn
  • How to monitor the execution of tasks
  • How to monitor the instances
roy-zhongRoy ZhongJune 4, 2020
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October 19, 2018

Please note here in this tutorial GCP refers to Google Cloud platform and AWS refers to Amazon Web Services and Azure refers to Microsoft Azure.

  • Step 1

    Log on as the system user in the default tenant


    From the Application Launchpad page navigate to Monitoring by clicking on the highlighted tile in the above screenshot.

    The Monitoring Dashboard is displayed. From here you can see the status of executed tasks, graphs. This page gives you a consolidated view of the executions in the system.

    Tasks monitor
  • Step 2

    Using the link at the top, navigate to the Instances page.

    Open instances monitor

    Using the highlighted Show Execution Details, you can fetch more information regarding a particular instance.

    See source graph

    You can directly jump to the modeler and open the source graph for this instance. Graphs and processes can also be filtered using date and time range.

    Which status do you see on the dashboard in the Monitoring application when browsing through Analytics?

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