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Explore Data Preparation in SAP Data Intelligence, Trial Edition

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Explore Data Preparation in SAP Data Intelligence, Trial Edition

Explore Data Preparation in SAP Data Intelligence, Trial Edition

June 4, 2020
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May 21, 2020
Use the Data Preparation in Metadata Explorer to view a set of data, find data quality issues, correct and standardize data, and then output the data for analysis.

You will learn

  • How to use data preparation
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Business users and data scientists can access, transform, and enrich datasets using a spreadsheet-like user interface in Metadata Explorer. Use data preparation to find data quality issues, correct and standardize data, and then output the data for analysis. This process improves efficiency and gains better business insights.

In this tutorial, we will return to the self-service data preparation tool to correct and standardize the data quality issues that we discovered in the previous section and then save this new dataset for further analysis.

Step 1: Improve data quality
  1. Begin by going to the Metadata Explorer dropdown menu, and under the Catalog section and select View Preparations.

    Browse preparations
  2. Select the preparation Contacts, which was created in Part 1 of this tutorial.

    Start Preparation
  3. Select the Country column header and choose the Replace action.

    Replace Country Column
  4. Replace all strings that read USA and U.S.A to instead read US.

    • You will have to perform each replacement as a separate action

    • Afterwards apply your changes

    Replace: USA with US
  5. Select the column FullName and choose the Split action.

    Split FullName Column
  6. Use a white space (space bar) in the Split On field to separate the column into FirstName and LastName and then click Save

    Split by whitespace

Scroll through the dataset to the right and observe that this split action has added two new columns to the dataset. You can use the Recipe tab to track, modify and disable/enable each of these actions.

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Step 2: Run preparation and check result

Now that we’ve corrected our data, we want to overwrite the Contacts_USA.csv dataset with the prepared dataset.

  1. Run preparation to save the changes.

    • Click Actions

    • Click Preparation

    • Click Run Preparation.

  2. Select target.

    • Select CLOUD_STORAGE.

    • In this context a container is a directory inside a cloud storage connection such as S3 bucket. To write to the root directory of the CLOUD_STORAGE connection set the Container to /

    • Dataset Name type Contacts_USA.

    • Set Type to CSV.

    • Set Write Mode is Overwrite.

    • Click Apply.

    • Since we are adding two new columns to the dataset, click Yes when prompted to overwrite the target schema.

      Run PreparationOverwrite schema
    • A preparation task will be started in the background. During this process the dataset Contacts_USA.csv in CLOUD_STORAGE will be overwritten with the newly prepared data.

  3. Review preparation result

    • Go back to Browse Connection.

    • Select CLOUD_STORAGE.

    • Find the updated Contacts_USA.csv file. Note it can take several minutes for the data preparation to complete.

    • Click View Fact Sheet.

    • Switch to Data Preview. You will see only US and null values are listed in the data preview for the Country column.

    Review Result
  4. These changes should improve the quality of the dataset.

    • Return to the CustomerDataQuality rulebook via rulebook overview.

    View rulebook
    • Click on View Results
    Rerun rulebook
    • Run the rulebook validation again by clicking on the Run all button.

    • The task will take a minute or less to complete. Afterwards click the Refresh button to see the new results.

    • Expand each category to view detailed information by how much the quality of the dataset was improved.

    Rerun rules
What is the new score for Accuracy for the improved dataset Contacts_USA.csv ?

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