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Get to Know the SAP Datasphere Interface

Familiarize yourself with the interface of SAP Datasphere
You will learn
  • How to navigate the user interface of SAP Datasphere
  • What the home screen controls can do for you
jmmargojmmargoMarch 13, 2023
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January 6, 2023

You can also follow the steps in this tutorial by watching this video. Please note that SAP Data Warehouse Cloud has evolved into SAP Datasphere. While this video references SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the content applies to SAP Datasphere.

  • Step 1

    Welcome to the home page in SAP Datasphere. This is where you land on signing into your SAP Datasphere tenant. In the center of your screen, you can see quick shortcuts to create a Space, and to build data. You can also see recently published resources and blogs relevant to SAP Datasphere.

    The Home Screen
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  • Step 2

    The top right of your interface consists of a help button to help you when you’re stuck. This is where you can find links to quick tutorials, the help page, as well as videos. You can also browse the SAP Datasphere community, get in touch with experts. Finally, you can give us your valuable feedback.

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  • Step 3

    The top left of your interface has a hamburger icon which expands all the buttons leading to every feature in SAP Datasphere. This is where you access all the functionalities required to get started with modelling your data in SAP Datasphere.

    The Control Icons
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  • Step 4

    Need further info?

    Check out the SAP Datasphere product page and events page.

    You can find the complete technical documentation of SAP Datasphere by following this link.

    Explore all SAP Datasphere tutorials here.

    Follow the SAP Datasphere tag in the SAP Community to hear the latest news and ask questions from experts.

    Now that you’re familiar with the overview of SAP Datasphere, you are ready to get hands-on!

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  • Step 5

    How can you access all the main controls for using SAP Datasphere?

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