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Create an Action of a Type Email

Learn how to create an action of a type email.
You will learn
  • How to create an action of a type email, so that you can receive notifications to a given email
christiansavchevChristian SavchevJanuary 13, 2023
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January 13, 2023


If you want to receive notifications to other delivery channels, see the SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification documentation at Managing Actions.

  • Step 1
    1. Open the Actions menu of the Alert Notification cockpit page.

    2. Click on the Create button to open the dialog box.

    3. In the Actions dialog box, choose the preferred email action type and then click on the Next button.

    4. Enter a unique name for your action in the Name field.

    5. In the Email Address field, enter the destination email address to which the notification must be sent and optionally provide a custom template for customizing your notification email. Then click on the Create button.


      Your newly created action is now available in the Actions menu in the left pane. Its initial state is Not Confirmed. A confirmation email with a confirmation token and a confirmation link is sent to the email address you have provided.

  • Step 2
    1. Open the automated confirmation email you have received. It contains the name of the action you have to confirm, a token, and a confirmation link you have to navigate to.

    2. You can confirm the action in one of the following ways:

      • Using the Actions view:

        1. Locate and open your new action.
        2. In the overview that appears, click on the Confirm Action button.
        3. Enter the token that was sent to your email.
      • Using a confirmation link:

        1. Open the provided confirmation link that leads to the Action Confirmation page.
        2. Choose Confirm.

    You can confirm your subscription by:

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