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Create a Workflow Project from a Template (Neo)

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Create a Workflow Project from a Template (Neo)

Create a Workflow Project from a Template (Neo)

Create a new workflow project in SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Web IDE.

You will learn

  • How to create a project for your workflow in the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.
  • How to deploy this project to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Access the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack
  1. In your Web browser, open the cockpit of SAP Cloud Platform.
  2. Choose Neo Trial.
  3. Select Services from the left-hand navigation.
  4. Search for the Workflow service.

    Search Workflow
  5. On the Workflow tile, choose SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

    Choose Full-Stack
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Step 2: Create a new project
  1. In the navigation area, choose the home icon.

    Choose Home
  2. Choose New Project from Template.

    Choose New Project
  3. Set the Environment to Neo.

    Set Environment
  4. Change the Category to Business Process Management, and then select the Workflow Project template.

    Change Category
  5. Choose Next.

  6. Enter a name for the new workflow project, for example, MyWorkflowProject, and choose Next.

    Enter Name
  7. Enter a name for the new workflow, for example, MyFirstWorkflow and a description.

    Enter Workflow Name
  8. Choose Finish.
    You should now see a project with a workflow file in your workspace:

    Workflow Project

If there are layout issues with the editor window (can’t see the properties), simply refresh the SAP Web IDE window (F5).

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Step 3: Deploy your workflow
  1. Select the workflow file in the workspace.

    Make sure that you really selected the file and not the project.

  2. Open the context menu by right-clicking the workflow file, and select Deploy | Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform Workflow.

    Deploy Workflow

In the top right corner, you see a success notification.

Deploy Notification
Where do you need to deploy your workflow file to?

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