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Create Your Workflow Project and its Module

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Create Your Workflow Project and its Module

Create Your Workflow Project and its Module

Create a workflow project as well as a module using SAP Web IDE.

You will learn

  • How to create multitarget application projects for your workflow in the SAP Web IDE.
  • How to deploy these projects to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Create a workflow project
  1. In your web browser, open the cockpit of SAP Cloud Platform Trial.

  2. Choose Launch SAP Web IDE.

    Launch SAP Web IDE
  3. In the navigation area of SAP Web IDE, choose the Development icon.

  4. Under Files, right-click Workspace and choose New | Project from Template.

    Create Workflow Project
  5. In the wizard, set Environment to Cloud Foundry and select the Multi-Target Application template. Then choose Next.

    Choose Multi-Target Application
  6. Enter a name for the new workflow project, for example, MyWorkflowProject, and choose Next.

    Enter Name
  7. Do not select Use HTML5 Application Repository, and choose Finish.

    Enter Workflow Name

You now see a project with an mta.yaml file in your workspace:

Workflow Project

If there are layout issues with the editor window (can’t see the properties), simply refresh the SAP Web IDE window (F5).

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Step 2: Create a workflow module
  1. Select and right-click your project, then choose New | Workflow Module.

    Create Module
  2. Enter the name MyWorkflow, then choose Next.

    Enter Module Name
  3. Enter the workflow name ApprovalWorkflow, then choose Finish.

    Enter Workflow Name

You now see your new workflow:

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Step 3: Adapt the MTA Workflow project
  1. In your workspace under MyWorkflowProject, right-click the mta.yaml file and choose Open MTA Editor.

    Open MTA Editor
  2. Switch to the Resources tab, and change the name from workflow_MyWorkflowProject to my-workflow-instance, and under Type, select org.cloudfoundry.existing-service. Then change the service plan value to lite.

    Update Resource
  3. On the Modules tab, check that my-workflow-instance (resource) is listed under Requires.

    Check Requires Section
  4. Save your changes.

Why do you adapt the workflow module?

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