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Create a Basic Workflow in SAP Business Application Studio

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Create a Basic Workflow in SAP Business Application Studio

Create a Basic Workflow in SAP Business Application Studio

October 7, 2020
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October 23, 2019
Set up a dev space and create a workflow module that contains a workflow.

You will learn

  • How to create a basic workflow
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Step 1: Set up SAP Business Application Studio

You create your workspace where you will later build the workflow.

  1. In your web browser, open the SAP Cloud Platform Trial cockpit.

  2. Choose SAP Business Application Studio.

  3. In the application studio, choose Create Dev Space.

    Create Dev Space
  4. Enter a name, for example, mydevspace, and make sure to select SAP Fiori, the Workflow Management, and the Launchpad Module extension. Then choose Create Dev Space again.

    The Launchpad Module extension makes the Launchpad Editor available in your dev space and is only needed if you want to execute the start form tutorial.

    Select Options

    Wait until the dev space is created and you see the RUNNING status.
    Dev Space Created

  5. Click the Dev Space to access the workspace.

    It takes 2-3 minutes to initialize your dev workspace for the first time. You will see a Welcome page once the dev space is initialized.

  6. If you have never accessed the workspace before, open it with the Open Workspace button.

  7. Select the projects folder and choose Open.

    See Projects Folder

    The PROJECTS explorer is opened.

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Step 2: Create an MTA application

To create a deployment artifact, you need to create a multitarget (MTA) application.

  1. Open a terminal window to start the Yeoman generator, choose Terminal | New Terminal.

    A new terminal window opens.

  2. Type in yo, and choose ENTER to start the generator framework.

  3. Use the down arrow to select Basic Multitarget Application, then choose ENTER.

    Select Basic MTA
  4. Enter a project name, for example, onboarding, and choose ENTER.

    A new folder with the project name appears in the Explorer view. It contains an mta.yaml file, which describes the application.

    See YAML File
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Step 3: Create a workflow module and a workflow

You now need to create a workflow module within the MTA project.

  1. In the terminal, access the application folder below the projects folder using the command cd <folder name>. Use, for example, cd onboarding, then choose ENTER.

  2. Type in yo, then choose ENTER again.

  3. Use the down arrow to select the @workflow/workflow Module, then choose ENTER.

  4. Enter a name for the workflow module, for example, approvals, then choose ENTER.

  5. In the same way, enter a name for the workflow itself, for example, onboard, and a description.

  6. Confirm to overwrite the mta.yaml file by entering y, then press ENTER.

    Now you see the newly created workflow in the editor.

    See Simple Onboard Workflow
In which tool do you create your workflow?


You have now created your first workflow with SAP Business Application Studio in the Cloud Foundry environment.

Your next step is to add a user task to this workflow and then display that task using the standard apps of Workflow Management in SAP Fiori launchpad.

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