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Create Your SAP Fiori Launchpad Project and its Module

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Create Your SAP Fiori Launchpad Project and its Module

Create Your SAP Fiori Launchpad Project and its Module

Create an SAP Fiori launchpad project as well as its module using SAP Web IDE.

You will learn

  • How to create multitarget application projects for your workflow in the SAP Web IDE.
  • How to deploy these projects to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Create an SAP Fiori launchpad project
  1. In your web browser, open the cockpit of SAP Cloud Platform Trial.

  2. Choose Launch SAP Web IDE.

    Launch SAP Web IDE
  3. In the navigation area of SAP Web IDE, choose the Development icon.

  4. Select the Show hidden files icon to display hidden files.

    Show Hidden Files
  5. Under Files, right-click Workspace and choose New | New Project from Sample Application.

    Create Project
  6. In the wizard, set Category to Workflow Sample Application and select the Workflow Applications on SAP Fiori Launchpad for Cloud Foundry (Trial) template. Then choose Next.

    Choose Workflow Sample Application
  7. Select the checkbox and provide your consent to create the application, and choose Finish.

    Consent to Creation

You now see a project with an mta.yaml file in your workspace:

Sample Application

If there are layout issues with the editor window (can’t see the properties), simply refresh the SAP Web IDE window (F5).

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Step 2: Use existing workflow instance project
  1. In your workspace in the sample.trial project, right-click the mta.yaml file and choose Open MTA Editor.

    Open MTA Editor
  2. On the Resources tab, replace the workflow resource. On the left-hand side, select workflow_workflowtiles and change it to my-workflow-instance. Choose org.cloudfoundry.existing-service in the Type field.

    Use Workflow Resource
  3. Save your changes.

  4. Switch to the Modules tab, and select workflowtilesApprouter. Under Requires replace one of the uaa_workflowtiles (resource) entries with a my-workflow-instance (resource) resource entry.

    Add Workflow Resource

To really ensure that the updated instance name is used in all respective places, execute the following steps:

  1. Select the workflowtilesFLP module and under Requires switch the my-workflow-instance (resource) entry to some other entry.

  2. Save your changes.

  3. Switch the changed resource entry back to my-workflow-instance (resource).

  4. Save your changes.

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Step 3: Build and deploy your launchpad project
  1. Right-click your sample.workflowtiles.mta.trial project in the workspace, and choose Build | Build with Cloud MTA Build Tool (recommended).

    Build FLP Project

    The console shows the status of the build: Build of sample.workflowtiles.mta.trial completed.

  2. Open the mta_archives folder.

  3. Right-click your .mtar file, and choose Deploy | Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform.

    Deploy File
  4. Enter your API endpoint, and choose Deploy.

Which modules have you added to your SAP Fiori launchpad in this tutorial?
Step 4: Access your SAP Fiori launchpad apps
  1. Open the SAP Web IDE console, and search for the launchpad URL https://<dev space name>-trial-dev-workflowtilesapprouter.cfapps.<your endoint>

    Copy URL
  2. Copy the URL to your browser.

    If the URL does not work, append /cp.portal to it.

  3. Log on to your trial account by entering your email address and password. Your home page of SAP Fiori launchpad is displayed.

    Log on to Launchpad
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