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Set Up SAP Web Analytics

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Set Up SAP Web Analytics

Set Up SAP Web Analytics

June 16, 2020
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March 4, 2019
Subscribe to the trial version of SAP Web Analytics on the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

You will learn

  • How to subscribe to SAP Web Analytics
  • Who are customer admin and space admin
  • Create a customer admin who can set up SAP Web Analytics

SAP Web Analytics is a software as a service (SaaS) offering on the SAP Cloud Platform.

The service lets you collect, report, and analyze the usage data of your website that helps you to identify meaningful patterns from various digital channels. These insights may lead you to implement improvements that can help you optimize the overall user experience of your websites.

A customer admin in SAP Web Analytics is an administrator for that particular subscription. For example, the IT department of an organization that subscribes to the service.

As a customer admin for Web Analytics service, within your subscription, you create unique workspaces. In SAP Web Analytics, these workspaces are called Spaces.

You can create a space for different departments in your organization. Each space is managed by one or more space admins. The space admins can register multiple websites in a space. A customer admin can be a space admin too.

For example, create a space named “E-commerce” to which you register your shopping website for usage tracking.

Step 1: Open the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

In the home page of SAP Cloud Platform cockpit trial, select Enter Your Trial Account.

Cloud Foundry
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Step 2: Create a subaccount

Skip this step if you already have a trial subaccount.

  1. Select New Subaccount.

  2. Add the following details and select Create. If you want to get a flavor of the beta features, enable the checkbox.

    Field Name Value
    Display Name Display name of your choice
    Environment Cloud Foundry
    Provider Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Region Europe (Frankfurt) or US East (VA)
    Subdomain web-analytics (provide a generic value for your organization; this value will be prefixed to the URL that SAP Web Analytics provides for the application)
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Step 3: Add Entitlements to your Subaccount
  1. Open your subaccount.
  2. In the left pane, select Entitlements.
  3. Select Configure Entitlements and then Add Service Plans.
  4. From the list of entitlements, select Web Analytics and choose an available plan. Select Add 1 Service Plan.
  5. Select Save to save your entitlements.
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Step 4: Subscribe to SAP Web Analytics
  1. Open your subaccount.
  2. In the left pane, select Subscriptions.
  3. Look out for Web Analytics in the list of services. Select the service to open it.
  4. Select Subscribe. You’ll see that you are now subscribed.
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Step 5: Create customer admin role
  1. Select your subaccount to navigate back to subaccount overview page.

  2. In the left pane, select Security and then Role Collections.

  3. Select New Role Collection.

  4. Add the following details and save.

    Field Name Value
    Name SAP Web Analytics Customer Admin
    Description Customer Admin
    New Role
  5. Click the newly created role and select Add Role.

  6. In the Application Identifier drop-down list, select the following values and save. If you’ve subscribed to multiple cloud services, you might see other entries as well in the list.

    Field Name Value
    Application Identifier SAP-Web-Analytics-ProdTrial!t7479
    Description _WebAnalyticsAdmin
    Description _WebAnalyticsAdmin
    Add Role
  7. Select Save.

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Step 6: Assign scope to the customer admin
  1. Select your subaccount to navigate back to subaccount overview page.
  2. In the left pane, select Security and then Trust Configuration.
  3. Select SAP ID Service. If you’ve configured your own ID service with SAP Cloud Platform, select your custom ID service.
  4. Enter your e-mail address (or the attribute that you’ve configured in the custom ID service) so that you can onboard yourself as the customer admin and select Show Assignments.
  5. If your e-mail address is not part of the ID service, add the same.
  6. Select Assign Role Collection.
  7. In the Role Collection dropdown, select the new role that you created for SAP Web Analytics and select Assign Role Collection.
Create Trust Configuration
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